Saturday, 23 March 2013

On Sale.....

I'm in Poole .... On a Saturday. I'm sat in Druckers in the Dolphin Centre enjoying one of my favourite pastimes - people watching!
The human race is bonkers, no doubt about it.
The sales have started today  - Next have a half price sale on, as do Burtons and Beales and most other shops. WE MUST BUY, don't you know? If we don't the world will end. We must buy that really frilly string of bunting that won't match our kitchen but it must be good as its half price....
We must buy that dress, yes that one... We must buy it as it is a bargain and you know it will look really good in your wardrobe until you have a clean out next year and give it to Age UK.

It's on Sale!
Everything is half price
All that STUFF that will improve your life.
We MUST buy it you see
To help the economy
And to keep up the consumerism chain
So business can gain
And keep up the flow
Of all the STUFF don't you know!
If we don't buy it
And refuse to try it
It will all stand still
And end up in landfill.
Where it will go anyway
A few months from now
Or if its lucky
End up listed on EBay
And somebody else will pay
For it a second time
The circle of stuff
That the powers that be
Tell us we need
And fill us with want
And an insatiable greed

It is Earth Hour tonight - turn off your lights just for ONE hour between 8.30 and 9.30 pm and we can  regain the electricity used by all the tills today ringing up the STUFF we all need.....