Wednesday, 13 March 2013

National Grumpy No Smoking Day 2013


Today is National No Smoking Day and  it has been 8 days since I stopped.

I forget I smoked - most of the time. The Zyban are very good for that, they also make me forget to eat so now and again I realise I am ravenous!

I have almost bought baccy twice in the last 8 days, just 2 moments of weakness. I do however have a vapouriser which I like and I have 30mg, 11mg and 0mg nicotine liquid which I am reducing everyday until I am on 0 all the time.

It is still not great for my breathing but 95% better than it was last week. Well put it this way, I was using a full Ventolin inhaler in 2/3 days that is roughly 60 puffs. In the last 8 days I have had 8 single puffs.....

Speaks for itself really!

I feel better but I am a cranky, miserable bitch when I don't smoke and nothing will change that! Why can't they invent healthy baccy, weight reducing chocolate and fat eating wine? I don't want to know that the planet Mars once had sustainable life, no I don't care about that. I want all the headlines to announce the bad things are now all good and we can have as much as we like of everything!

Until then though it's no smoking day and if you are intending to stop then I wish you all the luck in the world - you WILL feel so much better but you don't HAVE to be happy about it!

Yours most begrudgingly feeling healthy

Are you giving up today? How are you intending to do it - cold turkey? Patches? Gum? Please leave a comment we can moan together! :)

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