Monday, 11 March 2013

Mother's Day Flour Arranging!

I have had a lovely day, Evan woke me up with breakfast in bed - unprompted to do so obviously as there is nobody to tell him to, so I was very impressed from the word go!

Today is exactly 11 years since Ev was Christened - so it has been an odd day for me as I missed his Dad a lot which is weird and doesn't happen often. It was a wonderful day and obviously we were still together then but I miss him in those days not the man he is today (so at least I still have perspective).


Evan decided he was cooking EVERYTHING today! A roast and a Double Chocolate Fudge Cake!

Yesterday he went to Sainsbury's and I was only allowed to watch in case he got stuck. He shopped for all the ingredients and did a superb job.

Ev loves a good competition as much as me and so we have decided to enter the competition AND enjoy being together in the kitchen as well!

Rangecookers are giving away an amazing Select 90df range cooker to one lucky blogger, just for having fun and cooking with your little 'uns, so if you are interested in having a go have a look over at their page HERE.

So Evan chose the Nigella recipe and altered it to make his Fluffy Flake Fudge Cake (try saying that fast!) it really was a pleasure just supervising him today and I wish I had a more normal life to be able to do it more often.
I'm not getting sad. Honest!

So off we go, he got all the ingredients together and then set about greasing and flouring the tins. He had the recipe up on my iPad and was very good in keeping check on his own progress.

Then he just got on with all the weighing, measuring & mixing!

Melting, Stirring and whisking!

A good chef always cleans as he goes!

Ev was amazed with this point of the cake mix, after blending butter and corn oil he had to add 300mls of chilled water. This solidified the butter/oil mix and was pretty cool to see!

So folding in all the mixture together...

Evan took these 2 pics and they look amazing! He is always so good at mixing and making sauces, Roux etc!

We actually then had to add another tin and take some mix out as it was just too much!

So popped them in the oven and proceeded to put on the roast!

Cakes out! Ev always thinks he has a golden ticket when he opens Green and Blacks!

This was funny but I did warn him not to sieve the icing sugar too madly! Think we'll be tasting it for weeks!

Mixing the fudge flake topping! Evan is obsessed with flakes so they were added to the dark chocolate during melting in the microwave.

And the best bit covering and decorating!

He covered it in more flake and added glitter! Then decorated the cake with profiteroles!

My diet starts tomorrow!

It is absolutely delicious and to be honest a mammoth recipe to try for me let alone an 11 yr old! It has so many levels to keep check on and he also had all the veg prepared and roast in the oven!


As for the roast - I dished up and Ev laid the table...

I am so proud of him! At least he will be able to feed himself when he leaves home and in style!!

What an immense task to give himself and I am so amazed with how fantastic he has done, Thank you my gorgeous son.

Lots of Love
A VERY happy, proud Mummy xxx