Saturday, 23 March 2013

On Sale.....

I'm in Poole .... On a Saturday. I'm sat in Druckers in the Dolphin Centre enjoying one of my favourite pastimes - people watching!
The human race is bonkers, no doubt about it.
The sales have started today  - Next have a half price sale on, as do Burtons and Beales and most other shops. WE MUST BUY, don't you know? If we don't the world will end. We must buy that really frilly string of bunting that won't match our kitchen but it must be good as its half price....
We must buy that dress, yes that one... We must buy it as it is a bargain and you know it will look really good in your wardrobe until you have a clean out next year and give it to Age UK.

It's on Sale!
Everything is half price
All that STUFF that will improve your life.
We MUST buy it you see
To help the economy
And to keep up the consumerism chain
So business can gain
And keep up the flow
Of all the STUFF don't you know!
If we don't buy it
And refuse to try it
It will all stand still
And end up in landfill.
Where it will go anyway
A few months from now
Or if its lucky
End up listed on EBay
And somebody else will pay
For it a second time
The circle of stuff
That the powers that be
Tell us we need
And fill us with want
And an insatiable greed

It is Earth Hour tonight - turn off your lights just for ONE hour between 8.30 and 9.30 pm and we can  regain the electricity used by all the tills today ringing up the STUFF we all need.....

Monday, 18 March 2013

Headline Shocker! *People Read Your Blog!*

Yes I know it is hard to believe but people do read your blog.....

I don't or didn't actually think anybody does! Well I know a few friends do but I sort of sit here typing out my silly thoughts on stuff and use it as a techo husband - as I don't have one. If I had a OH I would probably say all this to him but I'm more of a Shirley Valentine 21st Century and changed 'Hello Wall' to 'oooo a post' .....

So what has brought about this realisation?

I have just come back from a weekend away and discovered that I am a finalist for the SWAN AWARDS along with two of my best friends!

I wrote DROP a while ago after finding out a friend had committed suicide. I don't know how people deal with this issue, still a very taboo subject.
I am very proud to have made it to the final of the Most Powerful Post Award.

Sonya from has made it to the final five for her hilarious post I found the Higgs Boson particle...... for the Funniest Post Award.

Lucy from is a finalist for her very touching post Remembering Jack; A Little Man's Legacy for the Most Inspirational Post Award.

Both are brilliant posts; as are all the very deserving finalists for each category. You can find them all HERE

Thank you to everyone that nominated me, I am really very touched (and shocked you read this) and GOOD LUCK to all the finalists and very well done!

"Thank you to everyone who entered, and good luck to the authors of the posts that have been chosen to go onto the next round which is the judges’ panel. Results will be announced on the 13th of April as part of our Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day celebrations."


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

National Grumpy No Smoking Day 2013


Today is National No Smoking Day and  it has been 8 days since I stopped.

I forget I smoked - most of the time. The Zyban are very good for that, they also make me forget to eat so now and again I realise I am ravenous!

I have almost bought baccy twice in the last 8 days, just 2 moments of weakness. I do however have a vapouriser which I like and I have 30mg, 11mg and 0mg nicotine liquid which I am reducing everyday until I am on 0 all the time.

It is still not great for my breathing but 95% better than it was last week. Well put it this way, I was using a full Ventolin inhaler in 2/3 days that is roughly 60 puffs. In the last 8 days I have had 8 single puffs.....

Speaks for itself really!

I feel better but I am a cranky, miserable bitch when I don't smoke and nothing will change that! Why can't they invent healthy baccy, weight reducing chocolate and fat eating wine? I don't want to know that the planet Mars once had sustainable life, no I don't care about that. I want all the headlines to announce the bad things are now all good and we can have as much as we like of everything!

Until then though it's no smoking day and if you are intending to stop then I wish you all the luck in the world - you WILL feel so much better but you don't HAVE to be happy about it!

Yours most begrudgingly feeling healthy

Are you giving up today? How are you intending to do it - cold turkey? Patches? Gum? Please leave a comment we can moan together! :)

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Mother's Day Flour Arranging!

I have had a lovely day, Evan woke me up with breakfast in bed - unprompted to do so obviously as there is nobody to tell him to, so I was very impressed from the word go!

Today is exactly 11 years since Ev was Christened - so it has been an odd day for me as I missed his Dad a lot which is weird and doesn't happen often. It was a wonderful day and obviously we were still together then but I miss him in those days not the man he is today (so at least I still have perspective).


Evan decided he was cooking EVERYTHING today! A roast and a Double Chocolate Fudge Cake!

Yesterday he went to Sainsbury's and I was only allowed to watch in case he got stuck. He shopped for all the ingredients and did a superb job.

Ev loves a good competition as much as me and so we have decided to enter the competition AND enjoy being together in the kitchen as well!

Rangecookers are giving away an amazing Select 90df range cooker to one lucky blogger, just for having fun and cooking with your little 'uns, so if you are interested in having a go have a look over at their page HERE.

So Evan chose the Nigella recipe and altered it to make his Fluffy Flake Fudge Cake (try saying that fast!) it really was a pleasure just supervising him today and I wish I had a more normal life to be able to do it more often.
I'm not getting sad. Honest!

So off we go, he got all the ingredients together and then set about greasing and flouring the tins. He had the recipe up on my iPad and was very good in keeping check on his own progress.

Then he just got on with all the weighing, measuring & mixing!

Melting, Stirring and whisking!

A good chef always cleans as he goes!

Ev was amazed with this point of the cake mix, after blending butter and corn oil he had to add 300mls of chilled water. This solidified the butter/oil mix and was pretty cool to see!

So folding in all the mixture together...

Evan took these 2 pics and they look amazing! He is always so good at mixing and making sauces, Roux etc!

We actually then had to add another tin and take some mix out as it was just too much!

So popped them in the oven and proceeded to put on the roast!

Cakes out! Ev always thinks he has a golden ticket when he opens Green and Blacks!

This was funny but I did warn him not to sieve the icing sugar too madly! Think we'll be tasting it for weeks!

Mixing the fudge flake topping! Evan is obsessed with flakes so they were added to the dark chocolate during melting in the microwave.

And the best bit covering and decorating!

He covered it in more flake and added glitter! Then decorated the cake with profiteroles!

My diet starts tomorrow!

It is absolutely delicious and to be honest a mammoth recipe to try for me let alone an 11 yr old! It has so many levels to keep check on and he also had all the veg prepared and roast in the oven!


As for the roast - I dished up and Ev laid the table...

I am so proud of him! At least he will be able to feed himself when he leaves home and in style!!

What an immense task to give himself and I am so amazed with how fantastic he has done, Thank you my gorgeous son.

Lots of Love
A VERY happy, proud Mummy xxx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Up In Smoke!

I have smoked for a really really long time. I was 13 and encouraged by people that should have known better.
I gave up once for 6 months and then in a drunken Glastonbury stupor thought I could have one, nope I couldn't.

I am asthmatic, since being diagnosed at 5yrs old. I have nearly died twice - ICU serious and it still didn't stop me.
I think it was other people telling me I had to - so instantly I didn't want to but thought I should, not the way to do it.

My BFF Sonya made me take a long hard serious look at myself last year, I had been hospitalised again and she said she left the ward in tears as I looked so ill and couldn't imagine what my son must have thought. That was it really, I had a VERY serious word with myself and so waited until I was well enough and chest infection free to start Zyban.

It is not a nice pill, you can fit, have seriously bad headaches etc etc but I started them 2 weeks ago. The first week you smoke as normal the second you nominate a day and give up.

That day was today and I feel fine!!

I have my vapouriser with raspberry liquid, in 11mg nicotine and in 0mg I filled it with 11 and now top up with 0 so I should be at 0 by next week. I have probably only had about 30 puffs all day and it is great.

Twice I almost bought some baccy but I didn't. I have the ashtrays with butts in - around the place and only once was I tempted to rip them open and make 1 cig out of them, but I didn't.

I don't want to be a smoker any more. I don't like it. It makes me very ill. It makes me very tired, and I probably smell.

I am smoke free.

I did it.

Have you struggled, Have you given up? How did you do it? How do you feel? Please feel free to leave a comment!

Your less-smelly

Tech - NO!

Yes the Aunty is back and you can read her HERE!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

You Lose Some - You WIN Some!!

I know most of you know I am obsessed with competitions. I love them. There is just something about winning something that is just brilliant and ever since I won a Madness Album aged 8 from the local radio station (God bless 2CR) that was it, I was hooked. I shall however never, ever forgive Noel Edmonds for never picking me out to win anything on Multi Coloured Swap Shop!

I love writing, I really don't think I'm very good but I enjoy it and it gives me an outlet that otherwise would not exist in my life. So...Combining the two would be my ultimate prize and today I won it!

My friend Dawn (she is ace, I met her very very late at night on a pavement outside a club in Newport - with James Marsters - that is another blog post) well she saw this competition last week and thought of me, so sent me the link.
It really was completely me - encapsulating writing, music, environmental issues and festivals of the muddy field and flower varieties!

The very environmentally aware company Ecover were looking for two aspiring journalists to cover the launch of an exciting, top secret project that will be launched this Wednesday in London. 

"As the Ecover Citizen Journalist you will report on the pioneering new project, attend the press launch and conduct interviews for The-Splash magazine. You will also have the opportunity to attend Glastonbury Festival 2013 (with a friend) to report on the public's reaction to the project and soak up the unforgettable festival atmosphere. What's more, you are invited to attend RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2013 to conclude the project."

I entered just feeling it was perfect but I never REALLY thought I'd be picked! I suppose I never really think anyone reads this blog - but Ecover loved it and I am completely in shock!

So on Wednesday I am putting down the Tena pants of care and heading to London for the top secret launch! I'm so excited. I have no idea what to expect as I couldn't be told much but it sounds so intriguing! 
A citizen journalist for 5 months - dream come true!

So this is my first post about this #EcoverMessage secret project and I cannot wait to share it with you all!


Soundtrack to this POST

Monday, 4 March 2013

Apologies ....

I am sorry for not posting for a few days, I have had a really hard couple of weeks.

Things are beginning to look up - so it's all good but I do have to put a picture of my baby up - he was knocked over and killed last week and I shall miss him forever.

Sleep well my Gollum xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

WIN! Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

I am running my first Facebook giveaway via Rafflecopter over on the Slice of Lemon Cake Facebook page!

Just skidaddle on over to there and enter! ENTER HERE

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Sounds awesome?
Want to know more? You can read all about the different, very cool products over at the Fitbit UK website HERE
and you can also follow the on Twitter and Facebook for great offers and giveaways!