Friday, 1 February 2013

This is Not A (Anti) Love Song...

MMMmmmmm 'that' day is looming again. I really don't like it, not just because I'm single and fed up already of all the smug people that have a OH.
No I don't like it because it just seems so forced! I'm a romantic - I am! Not for just 1 day a year though in fact I'm probably quite sickly - like a Rolo pudding.
I can't help it - I like to fuss, pamper and look after - I don't know why, perhaps I was born in the wrong era and should have been my age now in 1954.

I don't know why I'm single. No that is not true I do know why I am I just can't do anything about it and it does suck, yes it does! I know I don't NEED a man to make me happy but I still want one!
I have however given up, yes I am no longer looking for Mr Right, Mr Left or Mr any bloody direction. Nope, not going to happen.
I did date at the end of last year, quite a random meeting it was too! I gave HIM my phone number (I never do that) and didn't take his (I always do that) then it wouldn't be me doing the running. He text me the next day and rang me 2 days later and we spent 57 hours on the phone in 3 weeks - no kidding. Then we had a date and he decided he didn't want to see me again as 'I wasn't attractive enough' mmmm I was really impressed with that one. At least my Ex had the fact that we lived 4000 miles apart and neither of us could move so slightly more valid....

So I am disillusioned and far too cynical to do it again, I have taken it all on board and come to the conclusion I just cannot be arsed! I am not a defeatist but I am a realist and I am just too old and too tired to find out what flavour ice cream is their favourite - I don't care enough any more. So where does that leave me? Well alone obviously but I don't mind that really - well sometimes whilst watching something funny or a good movie but otherwise it is OK!

Valentines however can go fizz in some pink champers somewhere and leave me alone, this is the time of year I wish I was a hamster. Hibernation has a lot to be said for it....

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