Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Mad Awards - 2013 #madblogawards

MAD Blog Awards

Yes amazingly I have been nominated in three categories! I can't believe anyone thinks my nonsense ramblings are worth nominating but I am very grateful!

There are some seriously amazing blogs out there - some make me laugh my head off, some make me cry on a daily basis and most just make me realise how many of us don't know what the hell we are doing but what we do we do to the best of our abilities!

That there are no right answers and we just get on with just getting on!

I have unbelievably been nominated in the Fashion cat, and this is just brilliant - I have never been a fashion victim and prefer just what I like and how I feel but since I hit 39 - my goodness I love my labels! I love high street, charity and designer (mostly via Ebay) and will be posting my latest ensemble later today!

Other categories include Best New Blog, Best Schooldays Blog, both of which I am honoured to have received.

If you feel that you would like to nominate for me in those or any categories please feel free! 

Nominate here (you can vote for as many blogs or as few as you wish but you can only do it ONCE)     NOMINATE

I however am leaving you a list of those I decided get my votes and you might find a new super good read on the way!


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