Monday, 4 February 2013

Technology or Bust! Taking the Tech Away!

Evan has had his Tech removed and when I say tech I mean EVERYTHING remotely connected to electricity!
Xbox Kinect TV Nexus Playstation you name it, it's been hidden in a cupboard. At the moment it is for 2 weeks but it might be longer. He hasn't really done anything specific to cause this but he also has not done anything right either!
He is refusing to do his homework properly, he talks to me as if I am a piece of gum on his shoe, he is not doing his chores, he is rude to his Nan, and the biggest misdemeanour and by far the most annoying is that he will not sleep!
Therefore I do not sleep as I have issues with sleep any way and this does not help. I NEED my couple of hours after he has gone to bed and Mum is asleep to wind down and just sit in a zombie like fashion moaning and groaning on the sofa. If he is not asleep until 12.30 then it's 2.30 before I wind down and by then my insomnia kicks in so I just don't go to bed! I am in a perpetual state of surreal-esque hallucinations caused by lack of the ZZZZzzzz's!

So I am putting my foot down! Sort yourself out or go without! This initial phase of experiment will last 2 weeks and I shall keep a little daily diary to plot his progress. So far so good he hasn't complained but tonight will be first without his TV (I detest him having it anyway so it might not go back - he is only supposed to use it up until an hour before bed) and it is back to me reading a story and an audio book after. We shall see how that goes!