Thursday, 14 February 2013

(Miss) - Stress!

I have a sign.

I cannot see this sign as it is invisible.

The ONLY people that can see it are men.

Not just any MEN - ONLY men that are in relationships or Don't want a girlfriend - but think they should have one.

I have no idea how it appeared or why?

I have no idea how to rid myself of it. I don't like it, not one bit, not at all.

It IS there, honest!

     If you have read any of my old posts then you will know I have been single for a really long time and this was mostly because I wanted to be! I was reeling from a really upsetting end to my last serious relationship and I needed to work out who I was and where I wanted to be ...solo.

So for 5 years I was alone for most of that time that was fine, I am a bit odd so probably best BUT when you stop agreeing with yourself then I think it is time to try and find somebody!

 So last year when I met number 1. 'YJ' ( short for - Your Just not attractive enough) I was unexpectedly happy, he was really nice, same sense of humour, music, lived an hour away and we both have our own lives etc so it was great for 4 weeks. After a weekend together he informed me 'there was no spark' and then informed me that I was just not attractive enough for him.

 Number 2 was an offer of dinner with a recently single old friend, has come out of a very bad relationship, and is rebounding. I politely declined.

 Number 3 Somebody I have met and got on well with, very attractive. Wanted a weekend of well me basically! Girlfriend. Declined.

 Number 4 Significant Ex - Text me and offered well to want for a better description 'a quickie' - declined!

 Number 5 Old friend - Still can't work him out - tells me he loves me often by text late at night. Doesn't ever want a girlfriend, doesn't want to get married, doesn't want children!Doesn't REALLY love/want me. I wish he did. That is all.

 *Numbers 2,3,4, & 5 all happened in ONE DAY! 'Weird Wednesday' as it is to be ever known.

Number 6, Oh Number 6 - Lovely, Intelligent, very attractive, funny and just well ... I don't know! I felt it at first sight, and I got too close. Girlfriend. Gutted - *Ran away before I fell line and sinker as well as the hook....*

So these are the applicants to said sign - Probably reason why I have such a dim view of Valentines Day. I don't want to be a last resort or a fling or a bit of fun or and most importantly 'the other woman'. I want to be a girlfriend. I don't want anything amazing a nice guy that has a sense of humour and just wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him.

 I need to make a new sign.

 L xx

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