Monday, 4 February 2013

Can We Be Friends?

I had a really interesting conversation this morning, and it got me thinking (must have been a great conversation).

So you are in a relationship and your man slips a new name in to the conversation over dinner. A female name that you do not recognise (alarm bells yet?) and you discover he has a new friend BUT it is a female....

Now does this instantly make you
A) Throw his dinner over his head
B) Give him the Spanish inquisition
C) Be completely normal as it is only a friend.

Now would it be the same if it was a new MALE friend? How would you expect your OH to behave if YOU made a new MALE friend?

Is it possible to be just friends with a member of the opposite sex - age old question and does the dynamic change if you are in a relationship when you make friends with somebody new?

Would it be acceptable for your OH to go to the cinema with Burt? So why does it seem not so if it was Ethel that he went with?

Views please!