Wednesday, 30 January 2013

On The Very Edge

I'm edgy .... I have no idea why.

Do you ever have that feeling that 'something' is going to happen but you can't for the life of you shake it off? I've had it since I woke up this morning - I'm also mentally bored, I don't mean fed up, at a loss as to what to do I AM BORED of everything.

I am bored of:

Everyday being exactly the same.

The Rain.

Having no job.

Being good at things but never recognised.

Being a slave.

Being under appreciated

Never being able to go abroad.

Not being able to have a bath in peace before Midnight.


Being Single.

Being a single parent.

Having only one child.

Having no car.


Too many things in my house.


Being Unfit.

There I have vented now I'm going to study this list and write a positive response with what and how I can change these things!

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