Saturday, 26 January 2013

Keep On Running - Dorset Weldmar Hospicecare Trust

Yesterday I had a lovely morning! I had to go down to Weymouth to pick up my cheque from Wessex FM - Dorset's leading radio station; that I won two weeks ago with The Wessex Word a competition sponsored by Cafe Weymouth.

I met up with the very lovely James O'Neil who is Programme Controller and Breakfast Show host and he gave me a short interview and handed over the cheque which will be so useful as I will be able to pay some bills!

After talking to him for some time it became apparent that he is as passionate about fund raising as I am so I thought I would highlight what he is up to at the moment and if I can help him to raise some money then everyone is a winner!

James is talking part in this years London Marathon and not for the first time, this is an exert from James's page to explain a little about his past endeavours! 

Running marathons and other challenges

" I have never been very sporty but always had an urge to run the London Marathon.  I did it for the first time in 2004 for the British Heart Foundation, then again in 2009 for a hospice in Essex where I lived and worked at the time.  In between I was also lucky enough to run the New York City Marathon in 2007, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Each time I think it will be my last one but they are strangely addictive!  I'm running the London Marathon this year for Weldmar Hospice - find out more here.
I also raised money for charity with a trek across Iceland in 2010, which was an incredible experience.  I'm proud to say that I've raised more than ten thousand pounds for charity in that past ten years. "

You can also donate at that same page OR which is far more intriguing set James a challenge in exchange for a donation! He is open to ideas on how to raise more money, so if you'd like to set  a challenge in return for a donation, get in touch with him at!!
Anyone that loves to fund raise will tell you how much harder it gets with every year that you continue to do so. With the current economic status it is now even more important to keep places like Weldmar open and running.

Cancer has a way of affecting us all - even if you have never had a personal experience with the disease chances are you will know somebody who has.
I have lost my Aunt (1988 aged 42)
My sister (1999 aged 38)
Today my oldest friend lost her (for all intents and purposes) Mother In Law in a very sad and sudden way but luckily with her loved ones around her.
There is always somebody dealing with this somewhere and unfortunately one day it could be somebody you know or heaven forbid closer to home.
It creeps in and devastates all it involves but there is hope, there is ALWAYS hope but unless we support and help those that dedicate their lives to such an important issue - we don't want to take a step back in time to when there were no places and no people that are there for each and everyone of us with unquestioned compassion and empathy.
So please share this post wherever you can, SHARE James's fund raising page and lets help make some serious money!!! You can donate easily via the link - Paypal accepted and no personal info required so you won't be signing up to Spam!

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

The Virgin London Marathon is held on April 21st this year and you can find out more HERE
BUT this post was never meant to be down and depressing! No, it celebrates hard work. inspiration and positivity!
Look at Alice Pyne, what a true inspiration to everyone - you never needed to know anything about the C word to appreciate how she was so full of life and embraced every single day.
Her bucket list was a list of things that she wanted to do in her painfully short life and boy did she do it, and so very much more.
If we can all take a pinch of the optimism and inner light that Alice exuded and use it in all aspects of our lives what a wonderful world this would be....