Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Jam Packed with Eden's Finest!

Last year I was lucky enough to be picked by the Eden Project to be a reviewer for products that are available from the shop both online at and on the premises.

I love this company as their ethos is very close to my heart:

Ethical, sustainable and recycled gifts ideas!!

There are some truly amazing items on the website and make for unusual, educational and beautiful prezzies for your nearest and dearest!

On Friday I had a wonderful box of goodies arrive and this is the first review of those products!

Eden Project Raspberry Jam 

When it arrived it looked like this picture on the website......

I only opened it to initially have a sniff and just like the big kid I am, stuck my finger in and was transported immediately back to this.....

.....and my Mum's jam making days........

I offered her the jar and Mum stuck her finger in too "Can I have a sandwich?"  So off I trotted and made her one, and then a small one for myself which I realised was probably the first without peanut butter that I had eaten since primary school!

You see we do eat jam but not really a lot this jar has been in the house since 3 weeks before Christmas....

So not a huge jam consuming trio in this house, until this weekend! I actually didn't get a look in to be honest, it went in her porridge, on Ryvita and more sarnies although I do admit to taking a teaspoon to it a few times, 5 times .... OK! Quite a lot actually!

So I had to use the stock photo with the jam as after only 3 days mine errrr looks like this:

It  is probably the closest I've ever come to my Mum's homemade jam that was a staple throughout my childhood. I used to watch her make vats of the stuff, Raspberry, Strawberry and the village favourite Blackcurrant. 

The Jam comes in a re-usable Kilner jar which to anyone that makes preserves or pickles knows is just fabulous. I make a lot of pickled onions so perfect for me.

At £6 per 650g jar it is not your cheapest choice but I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The fruit content is maximum and the taste not too sweet, not too sour. The balance is perfect but it is seeded so if you have problems with pips maybe try the Strawberry available at the same price.

I will be back for more and also will be trying out the other pots in the range!

Mail Order is available on all items but larger items may be restricted to mainland UK. You can find out more HERE

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