Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I Love My Muse ....

I'm not talking about the band either although I do love nothing better than playing Supermassive Black Hole VERY loud on a Sunday!

No I mean my creative Muse, that little person that sits on your shoulder and whispers genius into your ear....

Adobe are asking "What gets your creative juices flowing?" over on Facebook. You can read all about it and find out how to enter HERE!

So I sat and thought about it - Where am I when I get inspiration and the first place that springs to mind is here:

Yes...Seriously - I love this place, well maybe not the place but the people. I sit on the benches and talk to people that sit there, more often than not they are elderly and like to just chat but occasionally I meet somebody really intriguing that has a story to tell.
Every person that passes you on the street, sits opposite you in your favourite cafe has something really interesting to tell you.
It always starts me thinking normally about that book I'm writing and then it just starts and I can't stop the ideas from flooding in and THAT is my inspiration - It's the old guy sat on a bench that moved here after he left occupied Jersey and he remembers the date as it was his 9th Birthday when the Germans marched through his town. It's the young girl with her newborn that is struggling with childcare as she wants to go back and finish her A Levels. It's the middle aged lady that comes into town everyday as she can't let the pigeons down, she used to cycle until her hip went!

Everyday people that we pass a million times a day without sparing a second glance. It's those people that build demographics, that buy into cash cows and network in the most basic human way - conversation.

Inspiration has so many forms I like listening to my music whilst walking in the rain - it makes me think and reminds me of being a teenager and following rain tracks down the inside of my window pain.

BUT my Muse sits in Poole Bus Station and waits, just for the right moment to make a certain seat available next to a certain person and sprinkles passion, focus and thought all around me.....