Thursday, 24 January 2013


SWAN powerful blog post award

Written for a friend that took his own life at the end of December - I'm turning a negative into a positive and doing this : 

Did you intend to drop?
Did nothing inside you scream to STOP?
Did you feel it as you stepped away?
Would nothing have persuaded you to stay?
Was it a mistake?
Was it a test?
Did nothing tell you not to go?
Or make your conscience protest…
Could no happy memory spring to mind?
Did you expect there to be an earlier find….
Was that it? Was it? Did you expect to be found?
To be held and embraced as you slumped to the ground?
It never happened and you went too far
Nobody found you
As you left for afar
Where have you gone?
Where do you lay?
Is there somewhere beautiful?
For you to stay?
Or are you in the dark,
The cold and alone
For leaving this place and your family at home.
Why weren’t you happy
When you had such a presence and life
Beautiful kids
Beautiful wife
Why was it never just quite enough?
For you to be at peace
And not be so tough.
The gaping wound in which life stands still
Has forced us all to taste the bitterest pill
To take a look around
And appreciate our lot
For that is our moment
And that’s what we’ve got.
Step up
Look around
Take a deep breath in
Of your world's surround.
And never let your soul
Fall cold to the ground.

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