Friday, 20 July 2012

Competition! WIN GB Platforms from Treds

WIN a Pair of GB Platform Shoes from tReds

Hi all! So I have this fantastic pair of shoes up for grabs - they are SIZE 4 so please be aware that there is NO size option!
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Winner picked on Olympic Opening Day - 27th July via Rafflecopter! Winner must make contact within 7 days of draw or prize forfeited and another winner drawn.

Good Luck Everyone!

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Light My Fire

Last Thursday was such an amazing day, I was a Torch Bearer in the Olympic Relay. I was placed in North Dorset, Blandford Forum to be exact and my run was from the Coca Cola (My Sponsor) stage to the main Roundabout out of Blandford town.

It was just a surreal day - I will never experience anything like it again. The crowds were awesome and as we drove through the town on our bus; dropping off each one of us to do our stint, we passed hundreds upon hundreds of people that had come out to cheer on the flame.
I welled up on numerous occasions as did most of the 13 of us at some point.

We travelled through Stourpaine and into Blandford town, the whole road lined both sides with flags and banners, children from all different schools and clubs, nurseries and playgroups. Something that really touched me was seeing the elderly all so pleased to be included and all so happy. 
I was honoured to be given the flame by Jack Delaney; a true inspiration. Ambassador for U Support  (use the link to read Jack's Story) and a true Future Flame. 

I was so lucky to have my son, sister and my best friends there to watch me run, although they all could have taken my place for the wonderful things each and everyone of them have accomplished in their lives. 

My oldest and dearest friend blogged about her day here and it made me cry, it also made me think she has a really valid point and perhaps we should have one day a year when people that make a difference to their communities are celebrated - what a fantastic day that would be. A public holiday in honour of the public! I also had the chance to have my friend Heather come down to stay for a couple of days to support me. It was wonderful - she has been a wonderful 'online' friend for about a year and this was our first opportunity to meet. She is a lovely person and a true friend, I know we will be friends forever. The torch has made a real difference to me and has motivated me beyond my imagination.

Holding the Flame

My sister Rita

I will never ever part with my torch. It is a beautiful piece of history and will, when fundraising opportunities have finished be neatly stored with my uniform and provenance to be left to my son. I don't mind what he does with it, passes it down to his children, sells it online or uses it as a garden heater! I won't be here to see but as long as I know he had it from me.
In just under 2 weeks the flame will reach the destination and start the games, the relay over. I know for a fact that the flame will burn forever in the hearts of those that watched it pass and the 8000 Torch Bearers that had the honour to help it on the way...

Evan, Ethan & Lucky Heather! x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Best Saying Of The Weeeeeeek!

This is a new weekly post as I have such a strange life that I say/over hear the oddest of comments and often use sentences that I never thought I would hear myself say....So! This weeks saying of the week:

"You can't miss him, he's got a Tardis on his head."

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Competition Result

Thank you all for entering Rafflecopter picked Jemma W. as the winner so HUGE congrats to her! There will be a new comp very soon!


Thursday, 5 July 2012

All Cracked Up!

Evan went to the shop last night to buy some Anchor butter he came home with 6 eggs - 4 of which were cracked......
Spot the difference:

Food Shopping By Women
1. Park the car
2. Get a Trolley
3. Fill the trolley with useful things in a record time.
4. Bag the shopping in a rational way (All the fridge
stuff together, groceries in a separate bag, etc)
5. Pay
6. Go back home.
7. Empty the bags, put all the shopping away. Tidy up.
“Food Shopping By Men”
1. Park the car
2. Get into the shop.
3. Get out of the shop and pick a trolley.
4. Get into the shop.
5. Stroll through all the aisles of the shop.
6. Stop by the magazines and browse the latest edition of
NUTS magazine.
7. Buy a pair of socks, 2 frozen pizzas, some
beer, Sausages, crisps and a mag but also maybe some charcoal (in winter) a few tools he might need and a new Xbox game.
8. Don’t worry about milk, bread, eggs and other ‘superfluous’ items.
9. Put the socks in the bag with the frozen items.
10. Find the slowest line and pay.
11. Go back home.
12. Leave the bags on the table.
13. Put the beers in the fridge.
14. Sit on the sofa and read the mag with a beer!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Ups and Downs of Gravity

So some of you may remember that last December I was picked to be on ITV's This Morning as part of their 'Make Me a Christmas Cracker' feature.

After seeing a plea on the show for participants I wrote and basically asked (begged) them to pick me to re-vamp my look, sort out my teeth and give me back a little of myself. After taking over looking after my Mother and being a single Mum myself, it all affected 'me' and I really had lost who I was and what I wanted to do with; what little of my life I had to myself.

So that was 6 months ago and I thought it was about time I blogged a little update to compare my skin after the treatments I underwent and to see what changes the show had brought about, both physically and mentally!


I had 3 Hydrofacials with Mr Alex Karidis, at his clinic at The Hospital of St. John & St. Elizabeth - this is an amazing treatment and basically sucks out all the dirt, impurities and opens up the pores then pumps the skin full of hydrating fluids and helps tone and resurface the skin. This was combined with a gentle peel and exfoliation heads on the machine itself.
My skin really had not felt as good since I was about 15 or so. The texture was completely different as was the skin tone and feel.

I was given injectable fillers and Botox treatment. In 3 main areas around my eyes, my mouth and between my eyes.
I had a slight sensitivity from above my right eye up to my hairline and apparently this is quite common and because it was near the sensory nerve. Generally though the Botox and fillers were painless and the procedure quick and with fast results. Obviously the Botox has worn off now and I have not been able to afford to have it again but I will especially before my 40th birthday this year!
The fillers I can still see are working and together with the Ulthera treatment have plumped up my cheeks and jowls internally.

Ulthera Treatment

I want to explain this correctly so have taken the produre from Alex Karidis

The Ulthera treatment works by utilising an energy based device to transmit and target deeper facial structures. This then generates heat which both tightens the skin and induces new collagen to form in the deeper skin and muscle layers, giving an appreciable rejuvenated result. The ultrasound energy used is capable of reaching the same depths as a surgical procedure. The ultrasound waves also work to stimulate the production of new collagen, giving your skin a refreshed look.

Now some people and one of the girls that was also on the feature with me found this procedure very painful.
I took 2 paracetamol and 2 Ibuprofen an hour before and to be honest found it less painful than waxing! I have quite a high pain threshold but really the only place it was slightly sensitive was when the treatment went close to my cheekbone (where the skin is thinner) but even that only made me flinch slightly.
I could see immediate effects but truly I don't think I realised HOW much it has done to my skin's firmness and texture until recently. I should also state there is NO downtime at all so you can even do it in your lunch break!
My chin has firmed up, my cheeks, jowl area, lips all have defied gravity and gone back up towards my eyebrows! (Now I need that for my boobs!)
I am a devout convert to this treatment and highly recommend it to anyone!

And so here is the update pic I went from being this depressed brown haired bag woman back to me and for that I can never thank ITV enough....

You can see how much my jaw has lifted and skin plumped up - the collagen repairs itself back to as if you are in your 20's! It is incredible. I am going back for botox and fillers again as I personally love the effect (so does my son as I can't look cross when I have it) and I still have expression just not as much as I normally would, which I think is a good thing as I tend to over frown etc.

To find out more about Ulthera treatments please go to Mr A Karidis  or on twitter @EstherLoughran 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Getting Your Hands Dirty!

Great Garden Moments Competition  is a fantastic competition for bloggers with Furniture Village How could I resist not entering?! So this is my Great Garden Moment:

I love my garden, it was my parents pride and joy and unfortunately just due to circumstances it is not the beautiful space it used to be BUT... Just like good old Bill Oddie says 'Say Yes To Mess!' it is a haven to wildlife.
Every year I have a nest of Slow worms consisting of around 30 - 50 various sizes and all healthy and breeding well. I love watching them in their natural habitat; truly fascinating!

My parents always involved me in the garden, from Sunday mornings pulling carrots with Dad to weeding ( and pulling out the wrong things often) with Mum! My Father grew lots of fruit and used to supply my class every summer, sending me to school with lunch boxes of fresh Strawberries and Raspberries and a pot of Roddicks Clotted Cream! I was a popular girl.
Most of my best memories though are of Dad constructing some type of shower by hanging the watering can in a tree, or pushing me around in the wheel barrow really fast around the Apple tree...

So I was always intent on getting Evan (my son, 10.5) in to growing his own and having fun in the garden. From around the age of 3 he had his own plot in the garden where we grew runner beans, sprouts, pumpkins, potatoes and green beans. Anything I couldn't get him to eat; the following season we would grow together. I now have a son that is veg crazy! He loves all of it, favourites being sprouts and Broccoli, cucumber coming in a close 3rd. 
I can't complain he eats so well and tucks in every night to a plate full of various greens, oranges and yellows! He will not eat red veg (or fruit if you want to be precise) no peppers, tomatoes, radish or anything of the scarlet persuasion! Hopefully by putting a little on his plate and ignoring it (and the protests) it might come in time.

I think it is such wonderful thing to do with your children, even if you have no garden at all you can still experience it with pots and tubs. A few seeds in a window box and make it a regular event to water and feed.

 The excitement soon grows if every morning you get up and have a look for a little shoot!
 I've just asked Evan what he loves about growing plants and he said "I just love watching them grow and how they develop and take their place in the world." 

Just like how I look at my son..... 

And the next time you see or buy a lowly lemon, have a think about what you were doing 18 months previously as that is when that little fruit first appeared on it's tree......

Lemon xx