Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Skylanders The Limit!

My oldest friend and generally up to speed with all that is the Inter-web Oracle; SonyaCisco at Rock and Roll Mum reminded me this week to enter the Team Skylander competition.

As a Mum of a completely obsessed 10 year old boy (or like me become addicted yourself!) there is not a day goes by that I don't have at least one conversation that involves 'elements' 'Light Cores' or 'Ultimate violent tragic super painful utterly nasty pain death!' and if you know what I'm talking about there; you like me have played way too much already and 'It Is Time To Step AWAY From the Controller' then you may be interested in my support group 'MUFF' 'Mum's United For Freedom' We will be fighting the cause and hopefully stopping JUST ONE Mother from putting that very first Skylander 'On the Doorway of Glowy Goodness on the multi platform Portal. Please return the controller to your child, It is good to share!

The brief is to create your own Skylander from any medium you choose. Then a photo has to be tweeted on Twitter and Tots100 will choose the winner!

Evan wanted to make a video as he loves to explain his reasoning! so here are his videos about Skylanders.

And so it is with no further ado, I hand my blog over to Evan and his Skylander Bloggers Competition Entry:

What is Skylanders and Why I Love It!

My Entry 

Mish Mash