Thursday, 8 November 2012

You Know it Makes Scents!

The London Perfume Company

I turned 40 back in October and for 21 years have worn the same perfume. Yes I know that is extremely boring but when you find one that really suits YOUR smell it is very hard to let it go. I didn't even choose it for myself it was a gift for my 19th birthday from my oldest friend Kate.
It is a very brave and difficult purchase to make; choosing somebody else a scent. Everyone is so individual that what smells divine on the girl at the counter can end up smelling like a tom cat on heat after you have worn it for 10 minutes! So I was amazed how well my present suited me....21 years later it still does!

I went online as I've run out yet again and discovered this fab company! The website is lovely, with easy on the eye colours and delicate fading so you don't feel like you are about to have a photosensitive fit whilst you are browsing!
The pack shots of the products are clear, well proportioned and with perfect lighting so you are not straining to try and see what you about to purchase.
The home page informs you immediately that there is FREE standard delivery on all UK orders and now they accept Paypal which for me as an Ebayer is fantastic.

With dedicated tabs for Her, Him, Brands, Gift Sets and Special Offers you can easily navigate to each department but if you still can't find what you are looking for you can search products from the top of the page.

The website offers lots of information on the company and perfume with an extensive FAQ section. It even explains the difference between Parfum and Eau De Toilette for example.
I think this is a great company for men to use (and I'm not being sexist!) but they do have a hard time buying gifts and the easier a company makes it for them the better.

There is also a blog within the site which gives advice and regular fantastic offers and competitions so well worth a read!

Oh I nearly forgot what I was looking for originally!

Moschino Original

I just love this perfume it is heavy without being overpowering and yet is still delicate enough to wear as a day or evening scent. It has musky woody top notes but with a sweet undertone making it a fresh, sexy scent!  At just 18.99 for 25mls an absolute bargain!

You can contact The London Perfume Company from the link above or on Twitter @londonperfumeco and on Facebook TLPC

I love how smell evokes memories and this scent reminds me of really good times in my life, as does Harmony hairspray as I used to put my Mohican up with that which is an entirely separate blog post!