Sunday, 25 November 2012

(HOT) Tubs of Christmas Cheer! -

Hot Tub Barn

If you have ever been in a hot tub during the winter months you will know just how invigorating and relaxing it can be! I adore them, they do something for my skin that nothing else seems to be able to recreate. I feel detoxed and regenerated and having one for Christmas morning would be amazing!

That is just what Hot Tub Barn are giving everyone the chance to do! You can win a Hot Tub for the holiday period, just HOW cool is that?! Bucks Fizz and bubbly hot goodness on the 25th!

This could be YOU Christmas morning!!

So, I hear you ask HOW can I win this amazing prize? Well you need be nominated by a friend or family member. Just get them to visit Hot Tub Barn's wicked website and fill in the online form.

One nomination per person but an entrant can receive multiple nominations!

It will be picked up after January 3rd so you will also have it for New Year!

Hot Tub Barn have an extensive range of amazing Hot Tubs, Saunas, Swim Spas and loads more! Why not have a good look around the easy to use site and see what amazing deals you can pick up!

"Hot Tub Barn is a small, well respected business owned by myself and my wife, Sarah. We have 20 employees, many of whom have worked for us for over 12 years. We were pioneers of the UK Hot Tub industry, first importing Hotspring Hot Tubs in 1996.

Based at our showrooms in Chelmsford (Essex), Ashford and Knockholt/Sevenoaks (South London), and with a UK installation and service network, Hot Tub Barn is the UKs leading retailer of swim spas and HotSpring hot tubs for sale from just £2395."

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Off to find somebody to nominate me as I would love to be in a tub with my Santa!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Review - The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year! by Sue Townsend

The Woman Who....

I grew up with Adrian Mole, he was a geek that we all loved and laughed at and as a teenage girl at the time it gave us an insight into boys and what they did with rulers in their bedrooms! I've grown up and so has Sue Townsend's characters. Eva Beaver a tired, disillusioned Mother of two has had enough and calls a halt to her day to day mundane existence and takes to her bed!

I would love to take to my bed even for a night but usually I'm too knackered to have even got in mine and quite regularly fall asleep on the couch. Eva decides enough is enough and whilst Brian; her very intelligent, emotionally retarded husband is off delivering the Aspergers twins to Uni, Eva goes to bed and refuses to leave.
I know how she feels when one thing after another falls apart without her intervention. It is quite different when somebody dies to slot in to the void that the departed loved one has left, but to still have the person around just refusing to intervene or help or even ...walk to the bathroom is a different matter entirely!

I haven't read a 'Laugh out loud' book for a long time, probably not since Bridget Jones first hit our shelves. My son was traumatised that I would burst out laughing on the bus or in a cafe but I quite literally couldn't help it.
In more ways than one this book hit home to me. Eva becomes a celebrity online through Twitter and from the people camping outside her home branding her a 'Saint' and a 'prophet' - Everybody needs a hero and unfortunately there are very few these days.

I enjoyed this book and the mix of characters and inter-character relationships. I heard last week that 47% of parents don't LIKE their children! I have always thought that you can love somebody but that doesn't mean you have to like them very much, I relate to Eva on lots of levels.

A great book for any woman that has had enough and wonders what it would be like to 'leave' her situation. I was however disappointed with the ending, it felt very rushed and unfinished and that ruined the book for me. I'm back off to my Zombie fiction as we always know how that will end!


BattleBox - Celebrate Your Wild Side!


If like me you have a son and a garden you might have summers of rescuing your best linen, clothes pegs, garden string and anything else that could be used for a 'den'!

This year I found various items in my hedges including missing kitchen utensils and my best sieve!

All is not lost! Whilst browsing Facebook some time ago I came across a company that can come to my and your rescue!

BattleBox - The Great British Action and Adventure Kit - Everything you need to make the most amazing den and outdoor fun all in one big box.
It is the brainchild of Emma, a Mother and entrepreneur and like so many of us began to worry about her son being drawn into a world of consoles and violent games and forgetting imagination and the ability to explore the world outside of his door.

You can read all about her early days and the beginnings of BattleBox here.

I worry about this a great deal, I remember watching a news report a few years ago about a 7 (yes 7!) year old boy that had suffered thrombosis in his legs due to being in his chair in the same screwed up position for over 3 hours playing his console. This stressed me out so much that Evan has always been timed and made to run about outside (weather permitting).
I never stayed indoors, my friends and I were in the woods, playing kiss chase in the corn fields or yes; making tents out of my mother's best blankets!
I would have LOVED BattleBox!

So what is it? Well basically there are various formats that you can purchase or you can fill your own with items of choice.
The basic BattleBox comes in at a very accessible price from just £22 which is incredible for the hours of play that would come with it! Each kit has 2 variations the Essential and the Ultimate

This kit includes: 


The choice is endless, especially with the Create Your Own Kit. (You can currently enter BattleBox's Facebook Competition to win one! Just Like Their page - details below or enter HERE)

This kit allows you to build your own BattleBox to suit your child's own interests and individuality.
From Padded Camo Jackets to Emergency Food Rations and Marshmallows, you can pick and choose to your hearts delight and fill your pack with enough supplies to send your young adventures up the K2 (or the back garden for a night!)

I just love these kits so much, I can't wait to take Evan to the woods in the summer and have a Nerf war amongst the trees. He won't stand a chance!

I am a strong believer that we need to take our children back outdoors, and BattleBox is a great way to keep them interested, safe in a contained and yet free environment.

I am very lucky that BattleBox have given me a wonderful Dangerous Den Kit - Ultimate to giveaway! A wonderful Christmas present for that explorer in your life! Retailing at £103 it is sure to make any child's Christmas Day!

Winner of ToyTalk's Best Outdoor Toy Award 2012!

BattleBox Website
Battlebox Twitter
BattleBox Facebook

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

You Know it Makes Scents!

The London Perfume Company

I turned 40 back in October and for 21 years have worn the same perfume. Yes I know that is extremely boring but when you find one that really suits YOUR smell it is very hard to let it go. I didn't even choose it for myself it was a gift for my 19th birthday from my oldest friend Kate.
It is a very brave and difficult purchase to make; choosing somebody else a scent. Everyone is so individual that what smells divine on the girl at the counter can end up smelling like a tom cat on heat after you have worn it for 10 minutes! So I was amazed how well my present suited me....21 years later it still does!

I went online as I've run out yet again and discovered this fab company! The website is lovely, with easy on the eye colours and delicate fading so you don't feel like you are about to have a photosensitive fit whilst you are browsing!
The pack shots of the products are clear, well proportioned and with perfect lighting so you are not straining to try and see what you about to purchase.
The home page informs you immediately that there is FREE standard delivery on all UK orders and now they accept Paypal which for me as an Ebayer is fantastic.

With dedicated tabs for Her, Him, Brands, Gift Sets and Special Offers you can easily navigate to each department but if you still can't find what you are looking for you can search products from the top of the page.

The website offers lots of information on the company and perfume with an extensive FAQ section. It even explains the difference between Parfum and Eau De Toilette for example.
I think this is a great company for men to use (and I'm not being sexist!) but they do have a hard time buying gifts and the easier a company makes it for them the better.

There is also a blog within the site which gives advice and regular fantastic offers and competitions so well worth a read!

Oh I nearly forgot what I was looking for originally!

Moschino Original

I just love this perfume it is heavy without being overpowering and yet is still delicate enough to wear as a day or evening scent. It has musky woody top notes but with a sweet undertone making it a fresh, sexy scent!  At just 18.99 for 25mls an absolute bargain!

You can contact The London Perfume Company from the link above or on Twitter @londonperfumeco and on Facebook TLPC

I love how smell evokes memories and this scent reminds me of really good times in my life, as does Harmony hairspray as I used to put my Mohican up with that which is an entirely separate blog post!