Wednesday, 31 October 2012

These Boots Are Made For ME!

The very lovely Terri Lowe author of Hello, Terri Lowe is running a fantabulous competition in conjunction with Barretts Shoes over on her blog, which you can access by clicking the link.

Not only is there a fantastic £30 Blog giveaway there is ALSO this amazing comp for bloggers to win an Awesome £70 to spend with Barretts.

Now I do have a shoe/boot obsession, At one point I had 65 pairs I have no idea how many I now own probably around 35 but I wear around 6 pairs on a regular basis.

I once heard somewhere that our obsession with shoes is a cry for stability within our relationships as generally by adulthood our feet stay the same size so we know we can always rely on them fitting!
I think there is some substance to this as what is nicer than a really old, well worn in favourite pair of boots?

So! What would I use £70 to spend in Barretts on? As a carer I don't get to but shoes very often so I would probably have to grab at least 2 pairs with this much money!

I need some stylish flat black biker boots so browsing the site I found these beauties!

I love the buckle detail and the chunky-ness of these! For an amazing £30 these are just incredible! You can check these out HERE

I have got a stunning dress for Christmas this year and so I need some Champagne coloured heels to go with it and I came across these:

So this would be my outfit!

I have a diamante clutch so these are just too perfect! Only £49.50 Have a look HERE

Then I had a dilemma and as I predict we are in for a hard Winter and Spring I am in desperate need of some Moon Boots! I had these in the late 70's and then they only came in blue and yellow but Barretts have these gorgeous white ones:

These look so warm I could do with them now as my toes are freezing! Just £60 which is amazing you can get these HERE

So already with the choice Barretts have I am in a dilemma! To be honest if I did win it would take me a while as the choice is amazing!

At least you know you will get quality and value for money!

Why don't you have a go and see what you would buy with £70 
I'm passing the challenge on to Miss Cisco over at The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum

Thank you Barretts and Terri for running this fun competition! I have a feeling my collection is about to increase *runs off to town!