Friday, 14 September 2012

Ask Jenny Craig!

Losing weight and not your mind!

I have recently decided to do something pro active with myself and get back in to shape. It has been a long long time and I cannot motivate my son if I'm sat on my big fat bum all day!

I have lost 5Lbs in 5 weeks and 4" off my waist 2" off my thighs and about an inch off of everywhere else. Here comes the rub. 
I'm bored bored bored already!
I need motivation, I need food that fills me up and I want crunchy nibbly things that I can pile in my mouth in the evenings and not gain so much weight on my bum that I constantly think I'm being followed!!

I want a bike. I haven't had one since I was 13 and my BMX burner was my pride and joy. I was 15 when I sold it and never bought one since.

Evan has a BMX he loves it, (He is NOT normally dressed like this on it!)

so do I and as I haven't grown since I was 15 BMXs still fit me like a glove, but I'd feel silly so a small mountain bike it is!

I want to do the 10 mile ride on Sept 23rd for Cancer research so that is my target. Ev is doing it with me and we will be taking our time but having some fun too!

I am blogging about this as Jenny Craig are doing an amazing bloggers competition, read all about it here: Jenny Craig UK and I REALLY need some advice!

So what can I snack on that is crunchy Jenny? What can my son and I tuck into watching a movie that makes us feel really naughty but isn't? Am I having a laugh? Is there such a thing? Do they make no fat low fat pralines and cream fudge? No? Oh sucks to be me!
Seriously though ANYTHING crunchy as my diet world is full of sloppy stuff and I need something hard in my life!

On that note (  o_o  ) stay motivated!

Yours losing the will