Sunday, 23 September 2012

I Can't Live Without...

Thank you Miss Cisco for tagging me in this meme on your blog The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum which was in response to Suzanne at 3childrenandit.

I thought as I'm actually so behind with my blog I would join in today! So here goes

1) Coffee - I am an absolute addict. I drink around 20 + cups a day and it is doing me no good at all. The last time I gave it up I was pregnant and relatively easy BUT every other time I have suffered migraine from withdrawals eeeek I am also currently doing my Zeo sleepmaster (blog post to come) and need to improve my quality of kip!

2) Cigarettes - Yep and another thing to live without, I'm very ill I know I'm ill and I can't do this anymore either. Miss Cisco had a go at me recently and I know she is right. I hate them, I want to go in to the Priory and have pottery therapy. Anybody want to sponsor me?

3) My son's kisses and cuddles - Nothing makes me feel more special. I don't like it when he   gets up in a mood and withholds them! Now he is getting older they are becoming fewer and less frequent! I am also not allowed to hold his hand in case his mates see him!

4) Books - I got a Kindle for Christmas last year and oh how I love it. It is awesome and so very very easy to take with you. I have read over 30 books this year which isn't bad as I only get chance on buses/trains and very late at night. But I miss paper books, I started the  new Stephen King yesterday it weighs 55 ton and his huge but it is great and tactile and smells of new book....

5) My friends - I am very lucky I have brilliant friends. I have friends that I have known for years and years and friends that I have known a while and they all mean the world to me. I have online friends that are my social life and they cheer me up everyday I love them loads. I think you should be able to officially adopt friends as families can be crap.

6) Animals - any type except English house spiders they do NOT count as they are mean, hairy and scary and have big snappy teeth and eat you whilst you sleep. They also make bets to see which one of them can surprise and scare you the best. I mean every other animal/insect/reptile on the planet. Cats are my pets but I would own pretty much anything and Sharks are without a doubt my favourite.

That is about it really I can't think of anything else I could put inhalers at number 7 as I'd be dead without them but thought that was too morbid ;)

So I am tagging the very talented bloggers Lucy, Heather, Lucy Z and Mel So put up the badge and send back the love to me with a link! Good Luck XX Lemon XX

Friday, 14 September 2012

Ask Jenny Craig!

Losing weight and not your mind!

I have recently decided to do something pro active with myself and get back in to shape. It has been a long long time and I cannot motivate my son if I'm sat on my big fat bum all day!

I have lost 5Lbs in 5 weeks and 4" off my waist 2" off my thighs and about an inch off of everywhere else. Here comes the rub. 
I'm bored bored bored already!
I need motivation, I need food that fills me up and I want crunchy nibbly things that I can pile in my mouth in the evenings and not gain so much weight on my bum that I constantly think I'm being followed!!

I want a bike. I haven't had one since I was 13 and my BMX burner was my pride and joy. I was 15 when I sold it and never bought one since.

Evan has a BMX he loves it, (He is NOT normally dressed like this on it!)

so do I and as I haven't grown since I was 15 BMXs still fit me like a glove, but I'd feel silly so a small mountain bike it is!

I want to do the 10 mile ride on Sept 23rd for Cancer research so that is my target. Ev is doing it with me and we will be taking our time but having some fun too!

I am blogging about this as Jenny Craig are doing an amazing bloggers competition, read all about it here: Jenny Craig UK and I REALLY need some advice!

So what can I snack on that is crunchy Jenny? What can my son and I tuck into watching a movie that makes us feel really naughty but isn't? Am I having a laugh? Is there such a thing? Do they make no fat low fat pralines and cream fudge? No? Oh sucks to be me!
Seriously though ANYTHING crunchy as my diet world is full of sloppy stuff and I need something hard in my life!

On that note (  o_o  ) stay motivated!

Yours losing the will

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

(It's NOT ) The End of the World

I've heard a lot of people keep saying that this December is the end of the world. According to the ancient civilisation; The Mayans on December the 22 2012 the world will have ceased. Die. End. This will be a dead planet. I have never interpreted this as a prophecy of doom. I cannot say I have read ancient manuscripts or raided the Vatican archives, climbed to a temple and talked to religious gurus but I have read a little and talked to people I believe know a little etc etc

I have always believed and probably hoped that it means the end of the world AS IT IS TODAY - a world of economic disaster, mistrust, consumerism at it's very worst, self centred ME culture and an oil and fuel driven world that cannot live without the next must have item.
A world where we work ourselves in to a life of solitary confinement where we sit plugged in, turned on and tuned out. A world where we know more about people that we have never met than those that are just a room away.
I don't like this world. I don't like what this world has become.

We will be forced in to a civilisation where the current greed for need will no longer be viable as it will no longer exist. Those people that currently don't want wind farms in their back yards (N'Wimbys I like to call them) because they aesthetically ruin the view or the noise might be problem, will have to find some other way of running their dishwashers, 4 TVs and charge their mobiles as there sure as hell won't be a national grid to plug into.

I wrote my review of Last Light by Alex Scarrow a few months ago after reading the book a long time ago then returning to it when I discovered it had a sequel this year. I suggest you buy a copy and take note about the breakdown of our global culture and how quickly it happens.

Scary stuff.
It is all very scary and it wasn't really brought home to me just how connected it all is in such a fragile balance until this evening.
I had found Limitless magazine because of a current competition they are running and it is brilliant! Lifestyle and culture based articles which are just all so interesting and then this:

I sat compelled and didn't move until the titles rolled and so did my tears. It summed up all my fears and hopes in one amazing video.
Theo Kitchener puts the words to an animation which puts it ALL in perspective.

This isn't scaremongering, it isn't hype. IT IS FACT.

We all need to change and make our local communities our HUBS. For our food, water, supplies, power and information. New World Order needs to be LOCAL COMMUNITY ORDER, things will have to be achieved on a much smaller, self sufficient, efficient basis. With that, it will become a less needy, less occupied more family and community orientated world in which to live. I'll drink to that, a coffee made on a wood fire with locally farmed coffee beans ;)

I learnt something else the other evening. Brazil nuts - yes those wonderful tasty nuts that you can't ever crack at Christmas!
In fact it is now really hard to find them in shells because they carried a disease so now we have them imported shelled. Well they are actually a seed! They grow in what can only be described as a coconut looking shell, at the highest point on a tree, pollinated by ONLY ONE type of bee that feeds on ONLY ONE type of rare rain forest Orchid! Just HOW amazing is that?! If that balance is interrupted then its game over for our Christmas nuts and Granny won't have her chocolate covered Brazil anymore!

I think we as a race are the seed in this scenario and that is just how fragile our society as a whole has become.

I am over my rant but if you do want to do something even just one the VIDEO! Pass it on.

More information can be obtained from

Google Peak Oil and find out whatever you can

Become more energy aware.

Learn to grow your own even in a tub on the window sill.

and don't forget to store the baked beans.....

Off to create a local LET's group (and you can look that up HERE!)

Lemon x