Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Slogging

I cannot believe how hard it has been to keep up with my blog so far this summer. I really haven't been doing very much - the odd day out here and there, Camp Bestival for a few days but mainly just been faffing around my house; picking up a never ending trail of Nerf Guns, Lego, Assassins Creed outfits and various other hideous weaponry.

I can't seem to do ANYTHING! I have been trying to paint my hall for 2 weeks and still not even got around to the prep work and only 3 more weeks of this to go!

Why is it that we have adopted every other American tradition except for Summer Camp, perhaps when I win the lotto I'll open one. For children of Blogging parents so we get to write down how much we miss them!

Quite a lot of the homes in my village still have the steps up inside the chimneys, it got me thinking as long as they aren't lit perhaps I could start a cleaning service although I don't know if my son will fit up the smaller ones - would give him something to do though and it is [almost] outside!