Saturday, 25 August 2012

Parental Love & White Lies

OK, I've just watched this weeks X Factor (I can't help it - it's like smoking I know it's no good but I still do it!) and yet again it made me a) cringe b) laugh and c) cry.
Yes I cried James Arthur what a fantastic audition, he was just so brilliant. A far, far better version of a judges song and that is what it is all about; coming on stage and making your mark by making a song your own. he nailed it, but surely it shouldn't have taken that televised appearance to get his parents to talk? I am not judging anyone - nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors but this boy was/is obviously in real pain about it and it made me feel about my own son and how he feels about his Dad & I not being together.
I don't have any experience of this as I was lucky and my parents were together for 40 years until my dear Dad died. So I don't know what he feels about going away every 2 weeks to somebody he sees for 48 days a year.
Secondly the girl that came on with her Mum, Auntie etc backstage all saying how 'Fantastic' 'Wonderful' etc etc she is WHY? WHY? WHY do that to her? Yes tell her when she is 5,6,7 years old she is brilliant and then send her to singing lessons if you think she really has an interest but don't ever fill her with false hope like that. Why would you publicly allow her to humiliate herself? I really do not understand.
Evan my son CANNOT run - he runs like a penguin and my friends all laugh at him (not to his face I might add) He is funny when he tries, but he does try and I have no idea why he runs like it, but I wouldn't enter him in running races even if he begged me, I wouldn't do it to him!
I'm all for bigging him up in anything he does but I would never ever give him false hope.

Lemon x