Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Beauty & Fashion Fix Blog

I come across a wide range of blogs everyday - mostly through word of mouth, competitions or just trawling the net looking for a read.

 I do love reading make up reviews as like most girls I love the stuff and I'm always looking for that product which will help me look slightly human without costing me a weeks money! unfortunately nothing on the market can do that except surgery but I still keep looking! So this evening I came across a tweet about a blog giveaway and had a look and the blog is lovely!
 I am still learning about layout and aesthetics and even though I do like my blog I still feel as though something is missing. Well My Beauty & Fashion Fix has a gorgeous feel to it, really nice colour and use of font and doesn't hurt your eyes to read. After gaining her 300+ followers Sharna has an amazing giveaway on her blog, there are so many prizes of faberoonie make up and products and even if you enter and don't win you will have found a lovely blog to read with a cuppa!