Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Colourful Historical Morning! - Capture The Colour!

A Right Rainbow of a Day!

I was tagged by my very dear friend and extremely talented blogging Mum, Sonya from The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum to enter the Travel Supermarket truly great competition 'Capture The Colour!' to incorporate colour into your blog, I have looked at some amazing entries with fabulous photos! You can enter too if you are very quick by seeing the comp page.

I had every good intention of entering this competition days ago with an array of brightly coloured pictures from my past travels. Things in my life NEVER go to plan and all my good intentions go out the window; often. So instead I planned to explore a town in my own area and go in search of colour with my son, Evan and see what we could find and maybe learn something new too!

So today is the closing date and I know I'm late as usual but I thought what the heck I'll still have a go and I am so glad I did. Evan & I had a brilliant morning learning and having fun and travelling around in the pouring rain. Colour is so taken for granted in our daily routine, I can honestly say I have never knowingly noticed any of the colours; especially of buildings that we found today. Think about it; if you picture your local High Street can you tell me the colours of the lampposts, drainpipes, windows or doors of shops? 

When I was at Sandford Middle School we did The Wareham Town Trail which was a historical walk around my local town and I remembered really enjoying it. Today I packed up a bag with various T shirts for Evan to put on and we set off in search of colour!

We first went to the Library to pick up a town trail and to my dismay they don't do them anymore!

This really saddened me as I have such great memories of travelling with school to various towns and learning hidden facts, it made it so much more 'real' than learning it from a book!
The very helpful librarian kindly directed us to some very well price guides that would do the same type of job so for £2.19 (cheap day out!) We came out with these:

Green is the Colour, Torture the Game!

Ev is a huge fan of Horrible Histories so the first place on the map for GREEN had to be the Bloody Bank! This is the West side of the Wareham Walls - 4 high grass banks which surround (or at least used to) the town.
Bloody Bank was used by Judge Jeffries (The Hanging Judge) to torture and execute the five Assizes and it was here they were hung, drawn and quartered EWWWWW their heads then displayed in the market place!
Evan thought this was excellent and loved acting it out with his sword! 

Blue is the Colour, Writing the Game!

We actually stumbled upon this house by accident. Dinah Craik as the sign says wrote her most famous novel here.
A leading writer of her day and published many novels and poems. You can read her story HERE

Yellow is the Colour, Film is the Game!

This was the one colour we thought would be hard to find but as luck would have it The Rex Cinema is YELLOW!
Originally the Oddfellows Hall and built in 1889 . Over the years with the help of the Friends of the Rex the cinema has managed to stay open and yet keep all it's unique characteristics.

We were rather wet by this point so headed off to Harry's for Lunch and actually found the entry for red!

Red is the Colour and Poppies are the Game!

I love Harry's and frequent it often during my breaks away from caring for my Mum. It has free Wi-Fi excellent meals and a very friendly atmosphere. 
All that time I never actually noticed the ceiling is decorated to look like a poppy! I really do need to be more observant!

Now at this point I must state that Harry himself tried to muscle in on the act and get himself in this post as the White entry but after a few pieces of toast Evan told him he would need a good bath first! Harry was having none of that!

So finally we braved the wet and headed off to our final destination in search of WHITE. 

White is the Colour and Water is the Game!

The South Bridge over the River Frome was a stone bridge with 7 arches a style from the Norman Conquests. It was rebuilt in 1777 with 5 arches and then in 1927 to the present day 3 arches due to traffic increases.

We enjoyed our day so much! I often feel guilty that Evan has never had a 'proper' holiday abroad as my circumstances can't reach to it, but travelling doesn't have to be miles or cost much. Today we had a brilliant time and Evan learnt some really interesting facts about his local town, we were outside and together! That is my pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

I am passing my colourful torch over to the very talented:

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Parental Love & White Lies

OK, I've just watched this weeks X Factor (I can't help it - it's like smoking I know it's no good but I still do it!) and yet again it made me a) cringe b) laugh and c) cry.
Yes I cried James Arthur what a fantastic audition, he was just so brilliant. A far, far better version of a judges song and that is what it is all about; coming on stage and making your mark by making a song your own. he nailed it, but surely it shouldn't have taken that televised appearance to get his parents to talk? I am not judging anyone - nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors but this boy was/is obviously in real pain about it and it made me feel about my own son and how he feels about his Dad & I not being together.
I don't have any experience of this as I was lucky and my parents were together for 40 years until my dear Dad died. So I don't know what he feels about going away every 2 weeks to somebody he sees for 48 days a year.
Secondly the girl that came on with her Mum, Auntie etc backstage all saying how 'Fantastic' 'Wonderful' etc etc she is WHY? WHY? WHY do that to her? Yes tell her when she is 5,6,7 years old she is brilliant and then send her to singing lessons if you think she really has an interest but don't ever fill her with false hope like that. Why would you publicly allow her to humiliate herself? I really do not understand.
Evan my son CANNOT run - he runs like a penguin and my friends all laugh at him (not to his face I might add) He is funny when he tries, but he does try and I have no idea why he runs like it, but I wouldn't enter him in running races even if he begged me, I wouldn't do it to him!
I'm all for bigging him up in anything he does but I would never ever give him false hope.

Lemon x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Wanted ... Must Have GSOH, blah blah blah

I am single.

I am very bored of being single.

I use the Internet because mostly I am single.

I am now sick & tired of being single.

A friend came over last night and we got to talking about dating sites, I joined one via Facebook 3 days ago and after half an hour I was in that place where I was just going through the search results clicking 'NEXT' repeatedly, whilst in my head all I could hear was 'too short' 'too fat' 'bald' 'serial killer' not ONE guy even made me go in to a profile.
Now I'm no catch I quite understand this. Almost 40, single Mum, full time (reluctant) carer, sort of OK ish looking but let myself go of late... so I have my work cut out finding somebody anyway BUT I just don't fancy anyone anymore. 

My last relationship was over 4 years ago and I really and honestly think that was it. I have developed some type of weird barrier that prevents me from finding anything attractive about a man! Unless they are a) too young b) attached or c) gay thus making me believe my subconscious is actually trying to prevent me from having a boyfriend.
I am at that place where ALL my friends are married or in serious relationships and they often go out for meals and I'm not invited, although I am good for babysitting (which I don't mind as I like Disney films and board games) and I totally get it, I'm an odd number. I make things uneven. I may come across as a threat - not that I am; I can quite honestly say I don't find ANY of my friends partners remotely attractive!

So on that level I don't go out. Then of course I have my son and my Mum and I work at home as a carer so I also lost that social aspect of meeting people through work. 
I have no single friends with whom to mingle even when I can go out, so I am just well .... stuck.
I joined Plenty of Fish tonight and after 40 minutes mostly of which was doing the profile filling - I was already thinking of leaving. I wrote within my dislikes 'text speak' and then subsequently had 3 emails all of which asked me 'How U doin? U wanna chat? Wud b gr8' NO I bloody well wouldn't and if you had even bothered reading my profile U wudnt av w8d ur time! 

I am doomed to be a crazy cat woman!

This is not a please pity me post, I am actually asking for any ideas! So please if you can think of a way I can get back in the saddle, so to speak PLEASE let me know!

Your Lonely Lemon! 

My Beauty & Fashion Fix Blog

I come across a wide range of blogs everyday - mostly through word of mouth, competitions or just trawling the net looking for a read.

 I do love reading make up reviews as like most girls I love the stuff and I'm always looking for that product which will help me look slightly human without costing me a weeks money! unfortunately nothing on the market can do that except surgery but I still keep looking! So this evening I came across a tweet about a blog giveaway and had a look and the blog is lovely!
 I am still learning about layout and aesthetics and even though I do like my blog I still feel as though something is missing. Well My Beauty & Fashion Fix has a gorgeous feel to it, really nice colour and use of font and doesn't hurt your eyes to read. After gaining her 300+ followers Sharna has an amazing giveaway on her blog, there are so many prizes of faberoonie make up and products and even if you enter and don't win you will have found a lovely blog to read with a cuppa! 


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chic-Shack Giveaway!

Whilst I enter my comps I find some really good gems out there in the world of retail; companies otherwise I probably would never stumble across. Today was no exception I came across a twitter feed of a company and checked out their website and I absolutely love their stuff!

From brilliant T Shirts to bang on trend cushions and home decor items you can seriously find everything at Chic Shack

I particularly like this T Shirt as it is very much my sense of humour but the range is endless from Canvas prints to designing your own colour combinations and promotional gifts. There really is a gift or item for everyone!

Martin from Chic Shack has very kindly offered to do a faberoonie competition with my blog and the winner gets £20 to spend online with the store!
So fill in the Rafflecopter form below and keep everything crossed! Winner will be drawn on the 1st September.
ALL MANDATORY steps MUST be completed and winner must respond within 7 days of comp end or another winner will be drawn.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Slogging

I cannot believe how hard it has been to keep up with my blog so far this summer. I really haven't been doing very much - the odd day out here and there, Camp Bestival for a few days but mainly just been faffing around my house; picking up a never ending trail of Nerf Guns, Lego, Assassins Creed outfits and various other hideous weaponry.

I can't seem to do ANYTHING! I have been trying to paint my hall for 2 weeks and still not even got around to the prep work and only 3 more weeks of this to go!

Why is it that we have adopted every other American tradition except for Summer Camp, perhaps when I win the lotto I'll open one. For children of Blogging parents so we get to write down how much we miss them!

Quite a lot of the homes in my village still have the steps up inside the chimneys, it got me thinking as long as they aren't lit perhaps I could start a cleaning service although I don't know if my son will fit up the smaller ones - would give him something to do though and it is [almost] outside!