Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Light My Fire

Last Thursday was such an amazing day, I was a Torch Bearer in the Olympic Relay. I was placed in North Dorset, Blandford Forum to be exact and my run was from the Coca Cola (My Sponsor) stage to the main Roundabout out of Blandford town.

It was just a surreal day - I will never experience anything like it again. The crowds were awesome and as we drove through the town on our bus; dropping off each one of us to do our stint, we passed hundreds upon hundreds of people that had come out to cheer on the flame.
I welled up on numerous occasions as did most of the 13 of us at some point.

We travelled through Stourpaine and into Blandford town, the whole road lined both sides with flags and banners, children from all different schools and clubs, nurseries and playgroups. Something that really touched me was seeing the elderly all so pleased to be included and all so happy. 
I was honoured to be given the flame by Jack Delaney; a true inspiration. Ambassador for U Support  (use the link to read Jack's Story) and a true Future Flame. 

I was so lucky to have my son, sister and my best friends there to watch me run, although they all could have taken my place for the wonderful things each and everyone of them have accomplished in their lives. 

My oldest and dearest friend blogged about her day here and it made me cry, it also made me think she has a really valid point and perhaps we should have one day a year when people that make a difference to their communities are celebrated - what a fantastic day that would be. A public holiday in honour of the public! I also had the chance to have my friend Heather come down to stay for a couple of days to support me. It was wonderful - she has been a wonderful 'online' friend for about a year and this was our first opportunity to meet. She is a lovely person and a true friend, I know we will be friends forever. The torch has made a real difference to me and has motivated me beyond my imagination.

Holding the Flame

My sister Rita

I will never ever part with my torch. It is a beautiful piece of history and will, when fundraising opportunities have finished be neatly stored with my uniform and provenance to be left to my son. I don't mind what he does with it, passes it down to his children, sells it online or uses it as a garden heater! I won't be here to see but as long as I know he had it from me.
In just under 2 weeks the flame will reach the destination and start the games, the relay over. I know for a fact that the flame will burn forever in the hearts of those that watched it pass and the 8000 Torch Bearers that had the honour to help it on the way...

Evan, Ethan & Lucky Heather! x