Thursday, 5 July 2012

All Cracked Up!

Evan went to the shop last night to buy some Anchor butter he came home with 6 eggs - 4 of which were cracked......
Spot the difference:

Food Shopping By Women
1. Park the car
2. Get a Trolley
3. Fill the trolley with useful things in a record time.
4. Bag the shopping in a rational way (All the fridge
stuff together, groceries in a separate bag, etc)
5. Pay
6. Go back home.
7. Empty the bags, put all the shopping away. Tidy up.
“Food Shopping By Men”
1. Park the car
2. Get into the shop.
3. Get out of the shop and pick a trolley.
4. Get into the shop.
5. Stroll through all the aisles of the shop.
6. Stop by the magazines and browse the latest edition of
NUTS magazine.
7. Buy a pair of socks, 2 frozen pizzas, some
beer, Sausages, crisps and a mag but also maybe some charcoal (in winter) a few tools he might need and a new Xbox game.
8. Don’t worry about milk, bread, eggs and other ‘superfluous’ items.
9. Put the socks in the bag with the frozen items.
10. Find the slowest line and pay.
11. Go back home.
12. Leave the bags on the table.
13. Put the beers in the fridge.
14. Sit on the sofa and read the mag with a beer!