Monday, 11 June 2012

Why? Oh Why?

I have been tagged by the lovely Miss Cisco So here are my Whys!

Why did I get up this morning?
Why is my Mum so horrible to me?
Why is there no milk?
Why have I missed the bus?
Why am I so useless?
Why is it still bloody raining?
Why has the sun left us?
Why am I so spotty?
Why do they lie about spots going when you are older?
Why am I so fat?
Why can I not leave chocolate alone?
Why does my toe hurt SO much?
Why am I writing WHY so many times?
Why spiders (have stolen that from Miss Cisco!)
Why can I not stop sneezing today?
Why DO I have to go swimming today?
Why am I always cold?
Why do they play the same songs over and over again on the radio?
So I am tagging the very fabulous: Lucy at xxx