Thursday, 28 June 2012

7 Days 7 Dresses 7 Moods of Lemon!

Now, I never intended to blog about 'Fashion' or 'Beauty' as I love both but there are far, far better bloggers on the subject than I could ever dream to be! This evening though a good friend pointed me in the direction of a lovely competition and well you know me, I couldn't say no!

The wonderful Fashion Champagne in conjunction with the High Street retailer New Look have devised this brilliant competition for bloggers to come up with 7 looks with 7 dresses from New Look; One for each day of the week.
It is brilliant so I thought I would undertake this fun challenge and have a go myself! So be prepared to be wowed by my contribution to the blogosphere of a passion for Fashion!
So as I am also crazy about music, I couldn't not give each look it's own theme tune! If you click that looks 'soundtrack' it will open the song in You Tube!
Enjoy xx

Manic Monday

On Mondays I normally look like this:

So it would be a welcome change to dress up nice and plan my look! Like I used to before I was 'Mummy! or 'Lynnnnnnnn!' 

Mondays look would have to be stylish yet practical as Monday I usually have meetings with Social workers or take a trip into my local town to pay bills, do a little shopping, have lunch and get the bus home.

The soundtrack to this look would be: NOFX - Thank God Its Monday

Manic Mondays Dress would be:
This gorgeous Zebra Print Dipped Hem Dress

Which I would team up with 3/4 length black leggings 

and these gorgeous black diamante sandals:

and Morrocan Bangle Stack:

A lovely relaxed look, smart, glam and still slightly rockin'!

Testing Tuesday

So second day in and on Tuesday it is normally a stay at home do some housework, a walk to my village shop and pop into a friends for coffee. 
Today must have a dress that flatters, is practical and still looks summery and stylish!

The soundtrack to this look would be: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone

Testing Tuesdays Dress would be: Cream Cravat Print Dress

I really particularly liked the blue detail on the design so I would pick that out and use it for these babies:

I'm loving the vintage theme that is coming off this almost 1960s/70s wallpaper print on this dress so it could only be accessorised with this gorgeous cuff and head scarf:

So midway through the week and it is Wednesday already! On this day I go and visit my BFF most weeks and we have Danish Pastries for brekky, window shop, do ladies that lunch in the local cafe and talk about blogs and stats! Need something intersting that BFF would like me in and that shouts 'It might be Wednesday in Dorset BUT this outfit kicks like a cow in a milking shed!'

Wicked Wednesday

The soundtrack to this look would be:The Undertones - Wednesday Week

Wicked Wednesday's Dress would be: Sleeveless Chiffon Dipped Hem Shirt Dress

I love this so much! Gorgeous cut, floaty yet classical a real gem you could dress up or down. I would change the belt though to something like this:

I adore waspie belts and so glad they are back again! I cannot get away with maxi style dresses unless they are tailored or corseted/tight at the bodice or else I do look like I'm about to give birth! A downside of being short waisted and big busted!

I love the brown leggings with this dress so sticking with them!

Adding some height with these beautiful babies!

And to finish off some nice wooden bangles, favourite hat and nice big sunnies - a touch of the 1970s I think and as I am a 70s child its just a perfect look!

By Thursday it is normally the point where by 2pm I am ready for bed, early school mornings and caring for an elderly parent really takes it out of you so by Thursday afternoon I look like this:

As you can see a complete deterioration since Monday! So Thursday's look needs to be motivating, captivating and inspiring! As a Thursday Child I have far to go and the farther the better judging from this pic!

Blowing My Thermostat Thursday!

The soundtrack to this look would be: Morphine -Thursday 

Blowing my Thermostat Thursday's Dress would be: Kelly Brook Orange Daisy Dress

Such a lovely 50's feel to this outfit - perfect bodice for my shape though sexy, feminine and chic! Compliment this little number with some fab wedge heels in bright blue, 50's clutch and some glam orange hair accessories and jewellery.

So lets hear it for the weekend! YAY for Friday and the start of my weekend, actually my weekend melds into one as no days are different! So in my best friend; Twitters' honor this is

#Follow Friday!

I feel the need for glam coming on! You HAVE dress up once in a while so I'm going for the 'feeling like a million dollors, so bring on the Euromillions Friday!' 

The soundtrack to this look would be: The Cure - Friday I'm In Love!

Follow Friday's Dress is: Ruby Prom Molly Flower Prom Dress

This is just one of the most beautiful dresses I've seen for such a long time. Stunning and simple and yet very intricate with the embroidery Anglais being utilised as a one shoulder strap is pure genius and divine!
I'm keeping this simple as too much would over power the dress and it speaks for itself without the need to over do it!

Simple black accessories and voila! You are a Princess!

So it is now officially the weekend! Saturday would probably involve some type of event usually for charity that I've either helped organise or I'm supporting by going to, so I need a dress which is glamorous, practical for being busy in and still look amazing!

Showy Saturday!

The soundtrack to this look would be: Spice Girls - Saturday Night Divas

Showy Saturday's Dress is: Limited Turquoise Sequin Embellished Halter Neck Dress

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! The back detail is amazing too so it gets 2 photos!

Teamed up with this selection of accessories and it is a definite SHOWY stopper!

And so it has come to the end of the week, Sunday has arrived and I'm exhausted! All this fashion is breath taking! This has been such a fun project and really inspired me to 'get back out there and board the fashion train again!

So Sunday will be Slowly Sunday - a nice day doing nothing with my son and in my head it is hot and sunny outside so I think this calls for a floaty number to feel feminine and to go on a picnic near a river!

Slowly Sunday!
The soundtrack to this look would be: Faith No More - Easy (Like Sunday Morning)

So Slowly Sunday's Dress is: Yumi Cream Parrot Print Dress

everyone loves a parrot!

 And that is it! My 7 dresses for 7 days! I would love this selection, what girl wouldn't? I might have just got a taste for this! I hope you like my selections and my musical influences for each day. 
Thank you New Look and Fashion Champagne for running this! What a brilliant idea!
And just to prove I always don't look quite so bad!

Lemon xx