Monday, 21 May 2012

Torch - To Sell or Not To Sell........

OK, since yesterday and the beginning of the Torch Relay there has been massive controversy surrounding those Torch Bearers that have decided to sell their torch on auction sites across the Internet.

At first I was appalled, as ever since I found out Coke Cola were buying my torch for me I have imagined Ev having it as a Grandfather and showing his Grandchildren!
I waited to read an official statement from LOCOG and finally they responded stating that we can do what we like with our torches once we have completed our leg of the relay.

So numerous discussions have started in forums and on Facebook groups, most against the selling of them. This got me wondering to why is it so awful that some people want to sell it on? Some have advertised that proceeds are for charity or at least a donation is.
I contacted one seller to ask if he thought the bids were real as his torch is going for over £140,000 (Yes, you read that correctly) he replied saying he had no idea, but it was to secure a future for his children.

I am desperate for a car, nothing special, just four wheels and a reliable engine - it would change my life and that of my son and Mother, so why is it so bad and why do I feel guilty even thinking of selling it.
I don't want to sell it, I would love to have it hung in my lounge but when money like that is being offered and it would get me out of debt, on the road and able to do things for my child, why not?

Is it any different to a soldier putting medals up for sale? We have been given the chance to run because we do things for our communities, raise money for charity, overcome adversity etc so surely those to wish to sell can do so without all this abuse? Some runners have ill children, partners, friends and the money could help with costs of care, operations etc
Everybody's need and situation is different and who is to say they should or should not sell soemthing which could change it for the better?
I think the whole situation was blown up due to the speed that they appeared for sale, the first only hours after the run had been completed.
I am not making a decision until after my run, if then I decide to sell then that is MY choice and nobody else has any right to tell me I'm wrong. If it means I can get my son to sports and my housebound Mother out of the chair she sits in 24x7 then 1 strangers opinion on the net means nothing....

I think I sound really harsh at the end of this piece, my point is that I DO CARE, I would love to keep it but if changes my son's life - do I have the RIGHT to keep it when people obviously are willing to pay for my piece in history? It is a very difficult decision - with one bid my community play park could be built......

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