Tuesday, 29 May 2012

'Cause' and Effect!

I am going to have a 'little' rant and just say that I am very proud to be a Torch Bearer (or Future Flame as we are called by our team - Coke Cola) As anyone that has anything to do with ANY type of fund raising - it is a thankless task, but nobody ever (or should) do it for that reason. Thank yous are very few and far between and sometimes never given but it DOESN'T matter.
Fundraisers are a fabulous bunch who most often are volunteers and do it because they enjoy it, believe in it and get that buzz when they have accomplished something. I love doing anything to raise money for a good cause - dressing up and acting silly is my favourite thing and I usually enjoy it more than the kids, but if it brings in a few quid then so much the better! I spent my childhood supporting all the village activities from fates at White Lovington, Maypole dancing at the Old Vicarage to going to every jumble sale, coffee morning and carnival my Mum dragged me to. At 17 I organised my first event with John England - we put on a pet show at the Scout Hut and it was brilliant! I regularly then put on different small fundraisers for different animal charities, as at the time I was working for Margaret Green and full on Animal Action (Yes Jack Straw I was a member of Shac, because I bought a shirt).
I helped occasionally at the Pop In but found it hard for a long time after Tina, my sister died to go there - but I was never a dedicated volunteer like the AMAZING Alison Bennett or FANTASTIC, HILARIOUS Ju Lye, they are both amazing, dedicated and work SO hard for the Pop In.
In 2001 you might remember I sat outside the Londis (as it was then I think) with a placard and a bucket, put collecting tins in the pubs and for 6 days raised money for the Red Cross appeal to help fund the food and supplies for the Emergency services looking for survivors of the September 11th Twin Towers disaster. I was heavily pregnant with Evan and think that with my hormonal situation it affected me terribly (think I would have rowed over to NY to help if I hadn't been expecting) I always remember only 2 complained I was 'helping the yanks' but after I asked who was supposed to look for our hundreds of British Nationals then? They both put in a fiver. It raised £287 I think - not much but I felt as though I had tried to do...something.
I went back and helped with Performers for a while and went on FOBRS when Ev started school and eventually Chaired the committee and I had great fun, I think the kids did to (and the Halloween Disco will be put on somewhere this year!) I loved it but kids move on and so then must we, Sandford is closing so I haven't got on the committee and I am somewhat at a loss as to what I will raise money for next...
Evan and I raise some for Julia's House and really enjoy their events.

I am quite a bubbly, happy person most of the time and even if I am not I pretend I am! I try not to annoy people. I am always late. I dislike people that have NO tact! I sometimes vanish. I get very stressed with my home situation. I think I am friendly. I NEVER EVER am rude or obnoxious to people for no good reason and I am always polite when asking for help. I will do anything I am able to do if asked. I am NOT stupid. I am a full time carer. I am a SINGLE Mother. I LOVE my friends more than anything and appreciate every single one of them more than words can say. I am A TORCH BEARER. I AM PROUD.

*steps of her box (not a soap box, a big box as I am short lol!) *