Thursday, 19 April 2012

Miserable Weather

I detest days like today as they make me want to eat! Why? Why do gray clouds and drizzle make me hungry, I have no idea but they always have. I think it probably goes back to when I was little and Sunday was a day when you did nothing. Aunts and Uncles would turn up and cause panic!
"Why are they here"?
"Quick! Chuck the mess behind the sofa!
Shops were closed, not some ALL shops. Well if you were lucky they might open for papers for 2 hours in the morning but that was it!
Sundays were gray, cloudy and boring. A bit of Bully being the highlight of the afternoon, so food became an enjoyment and an entertainment.
I am knackered too I'm going to go and have a bubble bath and probably drown, if I don't post in 2 days come and fish me out.....