Thursday, 19 April 2012

Miserable Weather

I detest days like today as they make me want to eat! Why? Why do gray clouds and drizzle make me hungry, I have no idea but they always have. I think it probably goes back to when I was little and Sunday was a day when you did nothing. Aunts and Uncles would turn up and cause panic!
"Why are they here"?
"Quick! Chuck the mess behind the sofa!
Shops were closed, not some ALL shops. Well if you were lucky they might open for papers for 2 hours in the morning but that was it!
Sundays were gray, cloudy and boring. A bit of Bully being the highlight of the afternoon, so food became an enjoyment and an entertainment.
I am knackered too I'm going to go and have a bubble bath and probably drown, if I don't post in 2 days come and fish me out.....

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Gadget Show Live 2012

The Gadget Show Live

I was lucky enough to be given a pair of tickets by the very kind LVP for opening day so I organised a couple of days away and turned it into a break for the Easter holidays with Evan.

It was my first time at TGSL so other than what I've seen on TV I wasn't sure what to expect. I am very much into tech, gadgets and new ideas and so immediately on entering I was in my element!
Evan was over excited about it all and even though we had 1 full day there this wasn't enough and we will be back next year and do at least 3 days if not the full 5.


It has been years since I was last there (Clothes Show Live) and I had forgotten just how big the place is. So rule number 1, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, leave the high heels at home; You might feel glamorous but your feet and legs will never, ever forgive you!
Outside the main entrance to Hall 8 is a cloakroom for you to store bags, coats etc at £1 per item so really handy. You will also find Starbucks, newsagents, ATM (costs £1.99) Toilets and exit (if you are a smoker). Remember to get a hand stamp if you do nip out. There are programme sellers walking all around and at £5 I would definitely recommend as it tells you all the special events and stage events, full exhibitor list and more importantly a map!

I had a few people to visit so after working out where exactly we were and where we had to be (hence the map!) we set of to find the first company I was desperate to investigate.

As a avid social media user and a background in PR/Event management and advertising I love finding companies that are new to Fcebook and Twitter and helping them get a foothold and a good share of the promotion therefore increasing the fan base. 
I found Vibe Watch very late one night when I couldn't sleep, I looked over the website and was amazed at how very cool and unique the product is. 
The trade stand was eye catching and Vibrant and so was easy to find! Unfortunately my camera doesn't do it justice!

It is so nice to actually put faces to companies, with the net it is so easy to chat to all different people but you actually do sometimes forget they are actually real people behind the screens. The main man behind Vibe Watch is the very friendly and professional John:

His passion for his product is evident and refreshing. So what is Vibe Watch? From the website :

'Vibe-Watch' - the original and most interchangeable of timepieces.
Each 'Vibe-Watch' is created with 4 interlocking, coloured components which simply clip together. Watch Faces are available in 10 bright colours, so there are literally thousands of colour combinations making each 'Vibe-Watch' personal and exclusive.

'Vibe-Watch' is affordable, chic, unisex and appeals to all ages. Wearers can quickly and inexpensively change the look of their watch by purchasing a few additional cases, bezels or straps in differing colours or by adding an alternative watch movement with a different colour face.

And I really cannot add to that except to say Evan was in his element! To find things that are of an interest to a 10 year old boy is hard going and the minute Evan was let loose on the stand he was transfixed, discussing colour, design, size you name it he was a Gok in the making! 

This is the watch he made and the spare alternative look he chose. I have heard nothing but the different designs he will be making since we left, as did every person we met on the coach stations, bus stops, cafes and restaurants from Birmingham to Dorset!

As the prices start from an amazing £2 for a small bezel it really is obtainable pocket money prices so Evan is now saving up for various bits and pieces!

Keep your eyes pealed as I will be holding a fantastic Competition in conjunction with Vibe Watch soon!

There are very few products these days which I find exciting, original and affordable but Vibe Watch has it all. It is fun, on trend and a real talking point!
Chrome and Diamante styles coming soon!

Next stop on our 'Must See' list was AF International

Evan won an AF Teddy in a recent Facebook 'Name the Teddy' Competition - so I thought it would be nice to drop by and take Ev and his bear; AlFie back home!

AF International

The specialists in PC, workstation, office equipment and multimedia cleaning products.
The CompanyThe specialists in PC, workstation, office equipment and multimedia cleaning products.
Established over 40 years ago, AF International has, during that time, earned an enviable reputation as being the specialist in computer, office equipment and multimedia cleaning products

A really bright and inviting trade stand and very friendly staff made for a lovely stop and the products are fantastic! My keyboard is always really gross so these products are excellent for me. I love the Sprayduster which retails at around £11 which if you have spent £100's of pounds on a piece of equipment such as a laptop, it is a small price to pay to keep it working at its optimum.

They were lovely to Evan and he was most impressed with the free wipes for his DS!

Thank you AF International! Top marks!