Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Last Light - Alex Scarrow

Alex Scarrow

I found this book in Sue Ryder of all places and it was signed so it is now one of my prize possessions and my favourite all time books!

I love Apocalyptic fiction, end of the world, viral disasters; you name it if the Human race needs to survive I'll be at the front stocking up on bottled water and baked beans (and probably knocking the local farmer on the head for his 12 bore) and boarding up the local pub as they have a cellar!
Think Sean of the Dead meets 28 Days Later meets Contagion and you'll be on my wave length...

Last Light

How much are you paying for your petrol at the moment? £1.37 to say £1.44 ish? That is if there is any in the pumps. Today watching the panic buying that has started and there is NO planned strike as yet, this book is more relevant than ever.
If you want to get your teeth in to an unput-downable, never want it to end book this is for you.

I am not going put any spoilers in this review as you need to read and realise just how reliant we are on 'Texan Gold' and how we just cannot cope without it.

This book starts with the main family of the story and the start of the sub plot which continues under the main subject right to the terrifying end.
After problems arise in the Middle East and Oil supplies start to run low the immediate effect is written out on the following pages through seven days of one families life and the people they meet during that fateful week.
Alex Scarrow has blown me away with this book it is a a must read for anyone and I mean anyone. I actually view it as more of a self-help book to know what to do when this does happen and it will.

When the world suddenly realises that the new world order and Peak Oil is at a crunch point the ensuing nightmare becomes an all too soon reality and with the UK only stocking food on a 24 delivery basis, water and food shortages begin very quickly. Public disarray, looting and murder become 'normal' and the main characters soon realise they have a lot more to lose than the electric lights....

I love this book, it is addictive and I am currently reading the sequel which I am enjoying as much if not more! Fantastic read and highly recommended. 8/10

Last Light
Published 2007

I have always read, I cannot remember ever not reading - my oldest sister, Tina gave me my first novel when I was 8; Cujo by a certain Mr. Stephen King and I was hooked. A horror fan through and through I went through as many James Herbert, King, Pan Book of Horror (remember them?) and various biographies that by the time I was 12 I was warped enough for there to be no hope!
 My early teens found my romantic side and I started consuming Danielle Steel. My bedroom was adorned in piles and piles of her books until I realised I could physically read no more as the similarities in each story became just too much! Virginia Andrews was next and I would dare any writer to come up with a better, more appealing hero than Troy! If you have read the Heaven series you will KNOW what I mean and if you haven't well you NEED to! I still love her books as they always have such a dark twist in the tale.
I moved back into the horror genre and that is where I basically stayed for years until I ventured outside and discovered forensic medicine so Patricia Corwell was next. Now I read anything I can as often as possible. I was lucky enough to win a Kindle before Christmas and I hate to admit it but I love it so much! To think of the weight I used to carry with me and now I have ten times the amount of books in my tiny handbag! I will never ever give up on paper based writing though there is just something about the smell, the print, how dogeared and loved my books become that they really 'belong' to me.

So as of late I have been reading a few different authors - My favourites at the moment are 

Adrian Dawson
David J Moody
Alyson Noel
Alex Scarrow
Mike Gayle
Justin Cronin