Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Skylanders The Limit!

My oldest friend and generally up to speed with all that is the Inter-web Oracle; SonyaCisco at Rock and Roll Mum reminded me this week to enter the Team Skylander competition.

As a Mum of a completely obsessed 10 year old boy (or like me become addicted yourself!) there is not a day goes by that I don't have at least one conversation that involves 'elements' 'Light Cores' or 'Ultimate violent tragic super painful utterly nasty pain death!' and if you know what I'm talking about there; you like me have played way too much already and 'It Is Time To Step AWAY From the Controller' then you may be interested in my support group 'MUFF' 'Mum's United For Freedom' We will be fighting the cause and hopefully stopping JUST ONE Mother from putting that very first Skylander 'On the Doorway of Glowy Goodness on the multi platform Portal. Please return the controller to your child, It is good to share!

The brief is to create your own Skylander from any medium you choose. Then a photo has to be tweeted on Twitter and Tots100 will choose the winner!

Evan wanted to make a video as he loves to explain his reasoning! so here are his videos about Skylanders.

And so it is with no further ado, I hand my blog over to Evan and his Skylander Bloggers Competition Entry:

What is Skylanders and Why I Love It!

My Entry 

Mish Mash

Sunday, 25 November 2012

(HOT) Tubs of Christmas Cheer! -

Hot Tub Barn

If you have ever been in a hot tub during the winter months you will know just how invigorating and relaxing it can be! I adore them, they do something for my skin that nothing else seems to be able to recreate. I feel detoxed and regenerated and having one for Christmas morning would be amazing!

That is just what Hot Tub Barn are giving everyone the chance to do! You can win a Hot Tub for the holiday period, just HOW cool is that?! Bucks Fizz and bubbly hot goodness on the 25th!

This could be YOU Christmas morning!!

So, I hear you ask HOW can I win this amazing prize? Well you need be nominated by a friend or family member. Just get them to visit Hot Tub Barn's wicked website and fill in the online form.

One nomination per person but an entrant can receive multiple nominations!

It will be picked up after January 3rd so you will also have it for New Year!

Hot Tub Barn have an extensive range of amazing Hot Tubs, Saunas, Swim Spas and loads more! Why not have a good look around the easy to use site and see what amazing deals you can pick up!

"Hot Tub Barn is a small, well respected business owned by myself and my wife, Sarah. We have 20 employees, many of whom have worked for us for over 12 years. We were pioneers of the UK Hot Tub industry, first importing Hotspring Hot Tubs in 1996.

Based at our showrooms in Chelmsford (Essex), Ashford and Knockholt/Sevenoaks (South London), and with a UK installation and service network, Hot Tub Barn is the UKs leading retailer of swim spas and HotSpring hot tubs for sale from just £2395."

Follow Hot Tub Barn on Twitter and Facebook

Off to find somebody to nominate me as I would love to be in a tub with my Santa!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Review - The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year! by Sue Townsend

The Woman Who....

I grew up with Adrian Mole, he was a geek that we all loved and laughed at and as a teenage girl at the time it gave us an insight into boys and what they did with rulers in their bedrooms! I've grown up and so has Sue Townsend's characters. Eva Beaver a tired, disillusioned Mother of two has had enough and calls a halt to her day to day mundane existence and takes to her bed!

I would love to take to my bed even for a night but usually I'm too knackered to have even got in mine and quite regularly fall asleep on the couch. Eva decides enough is enough and whilst Brian; her very intelligent, emotionally retarded husband is off delivering the Aspergers twins to Uni, Eva goes to bed and refuses to leave.
I know how she feels when one thing after another falls apart without her intervention. It is quite different when somebody dies to slot in to the void that the departed loved one has left, but to still have the person around just refusing to intervene or help or even ...walk to the bathroom is a different matter entirely!

I haven't read a 'Laugh out loud' book for a long time, probably not since Bridget Jones first hit our shelves. My son was traumatised that I would burst out laughing on the bus or in a cafe but I quite literally couldn't help it.
In more ways than one this book hit home to me. Eva becomes a celebrity online through Twitter and from the people camping outside her home branding her a 'Saint' and a 'prophet' - Everybody needs a hero and unfortunately there are very few these days.

I enjoyed this book and the mix of characters and inter-character relationships. I heard last week that 47% of parents don't LIKE their children! I have always thought that you can love somebody but that doesn't mean you have to like them very much, I relate to Eva on lots of levels.

A great book for any woman that has had enough and wonders what it would be like to 'leave' her situation. I was however disappointed with the ending, it felt very rushed and unfinished and that ruined the book for me. I'm back off to my Zombie fiction as we always know how that will end!


BattleBox - Celebrate Your Wild Side!


If like me you have a son and a garden you might have summers of rescuing your best linen, clothes pegs, garden string and anything else that could be used for a 'den'!

This year I found various items in my hedges including missing kitchen utensils and my best sieve!

All is not lost! Whilst browsing Facebook some time ago I came across a company that can come to my and your rescue!

BattleBox - The Great British Action and Adventure Kit - Everything you need to make the most amazing den and outdoor fun all in one big box.
It is the brainchild of Emma, a Mother and entrepreneur and like so many of us began to worry about her son being drawn into a world of consoles and violent games and forgetting imagination and the ability to explore the world outside of his door.

You can read all about her early days and the beginnings of BattleBox here.

I worry about this a great deal, I remember watching a news report a few years ago about a 7 (yes 7!) year old boy that had suffered thrombosis in his legs due to being in his chair in the same screwed up position for over 3 hours playing his console. This stressed me out so much that Evan has always been timed and made to run about outside (weather permitting).
I never stayed indoors, my friends and I were in the woods, playing kiss chase in the corn fields or yes; making tents out of my mother's best blankets!
I would have LOVED BattleBox!

So what is it? Well basically there are various formats that you can purchase or you can fill your own with items of choice.
The basic BattleBox comes in at a very accessible price from just £22 which is incredible for the hours of play that would come with it! Each kit has 2 variations the Essential and the Ultimate

This kit includes: 


The choice is endless, especially with the Create Your Own Kit. (You can currently enter BattleBox's Facebook Competition to win one! Just Like Their page - details below or enter HERE)

This kit allows you to build your own BattleBox to suit your child's own interests and individuality.
From Padded Camo Jackets to Emergency Food Rations and Marshmallows, you can pick and choose to your hearts delight and fill your pack with enough supplies to send your young adventures up the K2 (or the back garden for a night!)

I just love these kits so much, I can't wait to take Evan to the woods in the summer and have a Nerf war amongst the trees. He won't stand a chance!

I am a strong believer that we need to take our children back outdoors, and BattleBox is a great way to keep them interested, safe in a contained and yet free environment.

I am very lucky that BattleBox have given me a wonderful Dangerous Den Kit - Ultimate to giveaway! A wonderful Christmas present for that explorer in your life! Retailing at £103 it is sure to make any child's Christmas Day!

Winner of ToyTalk's Best Outdoor Toy Award 2012!

BattleBox Website
Battlebox Twitter
BattleBox Facebook

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Loquax Competitions Loquax Competitions

Thursday, 8 November 2012

You Know it Makes Scents!

The London Perfume Company

I turned 40 back in October and for 21 years have worn the same perfume. Yes I know that is extremely boring but when you find one that really suits YOUR smell it is very hard to let it go. I didn't even choose it for myself it was a gift for my 19th birthday from my oldest friend Kate.
It is a very brave and difficult purchase to make; choosing somebody else a scent. Everyone is so individual that what smells divine on the girl at the counter can end up smelling like a tom cat on heat after you have worn it for 10 minutes! So I was amazed how well my present suited me....21 years later it still does!

I went online as I've run out yet again and discovered this fab company! The website is lovely, with easy on the eye colours and delicate fading so you don't feel like you are about to have a photosensitive fit whilst you are browsing!
The pack shots of the products are clear, well proportioned and with perfect lighting so you are not straining to try and see what you about to purchase.
The home page informs you immediately that there is FREE standard delivery on all UK orders and now they accept Paypal which for me as an Ebayer is fantastic.

With dedicated tabs for Her, Him, Brands, Gift Sets and Special Offers you can easily navigate to each department but if you still can't find what you are looking for you can search products from the top of the page.

The website offers lots of information on the company and perfume with an extensive FAQ section. It even explains the difference between Parfum and Eau De Toilette for example.
I think this is a great company for men to use (and I'm not being sexist!) but they do have a hard time buying gifts and the easier a company makes it for them the better.

There is also a blog within the site which gives advice and regular fantastic offers and competitions so well worth a read!

Oh I nearly forgot what I was looking for originally!

Moschino Original

I just love this perfume it is heavy without being overpowering and yet is still delicate enough to wear as a day or evening scent. It has musky woody top notes but with a sweet undertone making it a fresh, sexy scent!  At just 18.99 for 25mls an absolute bargain!

You can contact The London Perfume Company from the link above or on Twitter @londonperfumeco and on Facebook TLPC

I love how smell evokes memories and this scent reminds me of really good times in my life, as does Harmony hairspray as I used to put my Mohican up with that which is an entirely separate blog post!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

These Boots Are Made For ME!

The very lovely Terri Lowe author of Hello, Terri Lowe is running a fantabulous competition in conjunction with Barretts Shoes over on her blog, which you can access by clicking the link.

Not only is there a fantastic £30 Blog giveaway there is ALSO this amazing comp for bloggers to win an Awesome £70 to spend with Barretts.

Now I do have a shoe/boot obsession, At one point I had 65 pairs I have no idea how many I now own probably around 35 but I wear around 6 pairs on a regular basis.

I once heard somewhere that our obsession with shoes is a cry for stability within our relationships as generally by adulthood our feet stay the same size so we know we can always rely on them fitting!
I think there is some substance to this as what is nicer than a really old, well worn in favourite pair of boots?

So! What would I use £70 to spend in Barretts on? As a carer I don't get to but shoes very often so I would probably have to grab at least 2 pairs with this much money!

I need some stylish flat black biker boots so browsing the site I found these beauties!

I love the buckle detail and the chunky-ness of these! For an amazing £30 these are just incredible! You can check these out HERE

I have got a stunning dress for Christmas this year and so I need some Champagne coloured heels to go with it and I came across these:

So this would be my outfit!

I have a diamante clutch so these are just too perfect! Only £49.50 Have a look HERE

Then I had a dilemma and as I predict we are in for a hard Winter and Spring I am in desperate need of some Moon Boots! I had these in the late 70's and then they only came in blue and yellow but Barretts have these gorgeous white ones:

These look so warm I could do with them now as my toes are freezing! Just £60 which is amazing you can get these HERE

So already with the choice Barretts have I am in a dilemma! To be honest if I did win it would take me a while as the choice is amazing!

At least you know you will get quality and value for money!

Why don't you have a go and see what you would buy with £70 
I'm passing the challenge on to Miss Cisco over at The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum

Thank you Barretts and Terri for running this fun competition! I have a feeling my collection is about to increase *runs off to town!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Holiday Inn Express Stratford Review

Holiday Inn 

Getting There

I am no fan of escalators so I try and avoid the tube if I can so I booked the extra trip from Victoria coach station straight to Stratford which added a couple of pounds on to my trip from Dorset. It also gave me a lovely drive right through the city at night and drops you just off of Stratford High St, at the station. I jumped in a cab which cost £5 but this was only because I had heavy luggage - otherwise its about a 10 min walk to the hotel.

Check In

Fast, friendly and efficient. Nice reception area, clean and bright with a large seating area (also used for meals) and a bar.
1 lift was out of order so it was a wait but negligible.


Always happy, friendly and smartly dressed. I didn't come across one miserable staff member in 3 days from the cleaning staff to the concierge - they were all excellent.


I was on the 6th floor and the room was small and basic. Clean, Tidy and very comfortable. Hanging space, TV, shelving for clothes. Hairdryer. No in room safe but there are some in the foyer to use.
Bathroom had a lovely shower with small sink area and toilet.


Breakfast was excellent. Great choice of cereal, fruit, toast and condiments, cooked breakfast. Self service.
Even though I had to leave extra early there was enough of a selection to make sure I ate properly each day.


£112 per night for 2 adults, this is approx and does vary 
The bar was reasonably priced for London.


Near the Excel, the DLR and tube (Jubilee Line from Canning town via DLR) So very accesble to most areas.


So overall for Hotel accommodation 8/10
Food 7/10
Staff 9/10
Concierge 10/10
Bar 8/10
Internet Cost 1/10 (ridiculous)

I would totally recommend this hotel if you are after somewhere friendly, clean and comfortable. For the Excel it is easily accessed and if you are attending an event there - perfectly positioned. Lovely staff, Great hotel! Thank you Holiday Inn!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hilton Heist

Hilton Metropole Birmingham

If you are anything like me when you hear the name Hilton you instantly get an image of style, glamour, Hollywood in the 50's/60's, luxury and opulence
So last weekend as an attendee of a convention that was happening within the hotel, my good friend and I decided the deal we could get as part of the convention was [for a Hilton] amazing and we paid £259 for 3 nights, twin room and including breakfast.

This is a price similar to a Premier Inn or Holiday Inn Express for the same amount of nights. 

We used the free mini bus to pick us up from the NEC (to be very honest it is much quicker to walk if you don't have too much luggage) and drive us directly to the hotel. The reception is beautiful with gorgeous crystal chandeliers and a warm and welcoming concierge. Marble floors and luxurious fabric instantly make you feel like you are walking into quality.

Check in was fast and efficient. With hundreds of people arriving at the same time the staff coped extremely well and we were given our key cards and went to our room.

We had a second floor Deluxe Twin room. The room was clean and basic. With a desk, wardrobe, hairdryer, coffee/tea making facilities and TV (reception is terrible). In the bathroom we had bath with shower facilities and small complimentary bath products.

In fact as I said before the price is the same (with the offer) as a Premier Inn type hotel and to be honest the rooms are exactly the same. In fact the room I stayed in this weekend with Premier Inn at Excel was more spacious, bed more comfortable and bathroom far bigger.
There is a free to use safe inside your wardrobe but this is not huge and could not hold my laptop but for smaller items like jewellery/kindle etc it is more than adequate.


Going down to breakfast on Friday, the first morning we were immediately seen to our seats and then left. Our order for drinks were taken but not brought to us until 10 minutes later after I had chased them up. The range of breakfast was amazing and delicious and the staff busy but still very helpful.
This did not continue Saturday and Sunday, we were in a different room and the food was not cooked properly, virtually all cold and unpleasant.
Monday morning it was again superb, so I can only think it is the change in staff that decides the quality.

The Bar

We were supposed to receive a discount as part of our convention offer for the whole weekend but this depended on which member of staff actually served you. Some gave it until 8.30pm or some not at all, some all night and some so rude would not even allow you to pay cash and more or less shouted at me to open a tab at the desk!
Other than 3 or 4 staff that were brilliant (one actually looks so much like Heath Ledger it is unnerving!) the general attitude of staff is removed and indifferent.


Everything is overpriced and food extremely expensive. The cheapest main meal at £11 is the pasta cabanara or you can live on chips for £4.50. We found a Wetherspoons in the NEC (10 min walk) the main meals (were nicer) around £7. There is an in house Costa Coffee but £2 is added on to the normal Costa price so a large coffee is £5 which quite frankly is ridiculous.
I do not mind paying extra when I stay away as obviously we are all out to make money in whatever way you can but I do not like to be taken for a mug. (or indeed a paper cup)


Cannot fault the staff at this desk, always a pleasure, helpful and generally 5*

So all in all it was a well.... hotel stay, I am not impressed and the Hilton certainly did not live up to my expectations. The saddest point is on the Sunday evening when I went to pack I realised a bag (which I had been given for my 40th by a friend) had gone missing from my bottom drawer. Now you can't buy one and there are no more as it was a gift to conference members. I am really upset, it was a violation of my room and quite frankly very upsetting. I had put my Kindle etc in the safe but never thought to lock away a TOTE BAG!

I went downstairs and reported it - my conference guest liaison accompanied me and we sat with the Security guard and filled out a statement form, my details were taken and he informed me he would leave at 6am and inform the security manager who I needed to see before I checked out.
I did this - the security manager did not know anything about it and informed me he would do a lock check to see who had been in the room.
That is the last I've heard - no call, no letter, no email NOTHING! I wish now I had called the police but at the time thought the Hilton would be more dedicated to their guests welfare and security. I was wrong.
I tweeted them and yet still I am waiting for any type of information. they seem to have a problem as the room was booked in my friends name and so without a confirmation number appear unable to even use a phone to apologise!
My friend is in Tenerife for 2 weeks so I can't even get the said number and so I still wait.....

So overall for Hotel accommodation 6/10

Food 4/10
Staff 4/10
Concierge 10/10
Bar 2/10
Internet Cost 1/10 (ridiculous)

I would not use the Hotel again if I had a choice but I will have to next year. I hope that there have been improvements by this time.

It is such a shame because I was so excited about staying there; but these days companies need to be so careful as people are being so choosy as to where they spend their hard earned money.
Relying on a past reputation to keep you going in these times just does not cut it. Every business needs to keep reinventing themselves to offer quality and those little extras that make it worth their guests while and make them want to return.
I will update this post when if ever I am contacted by the Hilton.

Friday, 5 October 2012

My Five Key Pieces for the AW12 Season - #nextguestblogcomp

I'm sat here with the wind howling at my door, gusting and twisting the vegetation outside. The rain is lashing down on what is more a December day than early October.
Normally my birthday is sunny and clear even if a little crisp but this is truly a winter's day.
As I am off out tonight for my 40th, in my new dress, I am actually considering swapping it for some thermal underwear, pair of PJs and a thick chunky jumper!

I actually love Autumn for fashion, every year the designers impress me with the use of colour and lines and this year has been no exception.
The success of LFW has shown that London is STILL very much a leader that influences the world and the High Street!

Having to pick just five must-haves is so hard as I love clothes so much but with a few really good staples the outfits are unlimited and bang on catwalk chic.

From the Next AW12 collection I have chosen my wardrobe best buys, 5 items to use as a staple in your wardrobe that you can dress up/down mix/match and just couldn't get through this season without! This is part of Next Guest Blogger Competition which is offering a lucky Blogger the chance to win three outfits (up to £150 each) PLUS the opportunity to guest post about their style picks on the NEXT ourStyle Secrets blog! 
I have chosen to answer this question: i. What are your five key pieces for the AW12 season and why?
You can find details of the competition HERE - Have a go it's great fun! Just like fashion should be....


The Military look is still really popular with epaulets, structured jackets, gold button detailing and a 40s flair!
I've gone with this gorgeous Khaki/Grey Fit Flare Coat £90

Great for those of us with a bigger bust as the fitted waist prevents the 'maternity' look you get from most double breasted or detail. The flare softens up the masculine discipline and panelling helps to bring the eye into your shape - perfect!

Team with 

Lift And Shape Skinny Jeans £45

Studded Collar Shirt £28

Black Wedge Ankle Boots £38

Mish Mash Print Scarf £12


This year saw the return of metallic materials including lame and embellishments, so as a closet compulsory
 I picked this gorgeous Metallic Shell Top 
at just £14 - dress it up or down 
it is perfect for changing from day to 
evening wear if you are pushed for time!

I've teamed this up for a lunch date with 

Berry Long Necklace £12

Ruched Leggings in Berry £16-18
Mid Heel Peep Toes £28 - 36


I always think you should be very careful with animal, too much and you are less feline temptress more Cat Slater! Keep the look to one or two items and you'll rock the fabric! 

I love this animal print Oversized Sweater £35 it looks really snuggley yet totally up to the minute and great with jeans and a structured jacket, boots or heels!

Grey Military Contrast Coat £70

Black Felt Fedora Hat £24

Premium High Blue Skinny Jeans £45

Black Chunky Biker Boots £98

I absolutely had to put in a Fedora as this is one of my favourite pieces from this years collections, it softens the male influence and almost gives a 70s feel to the look. The boots have a slight heel to accentuate the leg length. This is my favourite look from all my choices and suitable of for all body shapes - although if like me to have short legs, a boot cut jean maybe a more flattering option.


There are two directions this season can take you the androgynous look or the flattering feminine. My bust size would never allow me to go for the first option so big bold prints with bright colours are the way I'd brighten my dark Autumnal days!

This beautiful Floral Tunic £18 is just stunning and great for all times of the day/night with different accessories.

I've chosen to put this together as an evening look but just with just changing the shoes and bag would suit a lunch date. This would suit jeans too as well as various tights and skirts so a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Berry Bangle Pack £12

Beaverbrooks 9ct Gold Cubic Zirconia Pendant And Earrings Set £160

Get The Look Sparkle Bag £20

Get The Look Silver Sparkle Courts £32

Full Length Leggings £9

My final selection incorporates two of this seasons looks TWEED and PEPLUM

I happen to live in rural England and believe it or not I have NEVER owned a piece of tweed but seriously it's not all shooting jackets and Sherlock Holmes!
As you can see from this gorgeous Lipsy at Next Lipsy Tweed Peplum Skirt £35

Celebrate YOUR waist-to-hip curve! You won't look skinny in this style but it has stamped a classic fun stance on the high street and you CAN pull it off!
I love the 50s feel to this and so am running with the classy chic look. I've even included a little quilted detail with this style. 

Taupe Quilted Pocket Bag £32

Dark Grey Faux Fur Trim Cape £24

Blue Mix Material Platform Courts £38

Perfect Shirt in Blue £35

And there you have my 5 a Season! A bit like your 5 a day but much more funand no juice running down your chin! So whether you love lace, animal print, quilting or even fancy trying a piece of tweed this season at NEXT there will certainly be something for you!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

I Can't Live Without...

Thank you Miss Cisco for tagging me in this meme on your blog The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum which was in response to Suzanne at 3childrenandit.

I thought as I'm actually so behind with my blog I would join in today! So here goes

1) Coffee - I am an absolute addict. I drink around 20 + cups a day and it is doing me no good at all. The last time I gave it up I was pregnant and relatively easy BUT every other time I have suffered migraine from withdrawals eeeek I am also currently doing my Zeo sleepmaster (blog post to come) and need to improve my quality of kip!

2) Cigarettes - Yep and another thing to live without, I'm very ill I know I'm ill and I can't do this anymore either. Miss Cisco had a go at me recently and I know she is right. I hate them, I want to go in to the Priory and have pottery therapy. Anybody want to sponsor me?

3) My son's kisses and cuddles - Nothing makes me feel more special. I don't like it when he   gets up in a mood and withholds them! Now he is getting older they are becoming fewer and less frequent! I am also not allowed to hold his hand in case his mates see him!

4) Books - I got a Kindle for Christmas last year and oh how I love it. It is awesome and so very very easy to take with you. I have read over 30 books this year which isn't bad as I only get chance on buses/trains and very late at night. But I miss paper books, I started the  new Stephen King yesterday it weighs 55 ton and his huge but it is great and tactile and smells of new book....

5) My friends - I am very lucky I have brilliant friends. I have friends that I have known for years and years and friends that I have known a while and they all mean the world to me. I have online friends that are my social life and they cheer me up everyday I love them loads. I think you should be able to officially adopt friends as families can be crap.

6) Animals - any type except English house spiders they do NOT count as they are mean, hairy and scary and have big snappy teeth and eat you whilst you sleep. They also make bets to see which one of them can surprise and scare you the best. I mean every other animal/insect/reptile on the planet. Cats are my pets but I would own pretty much anything and Sharks are without a doubt my favourite.

That is about it really I can't think of anything else I could put inhalers at number 7 as I'd be dead without them but thought that was too morbid ;)

So I am tagging the very talented bloggers Lucy, Heather, Lucy Z and Mel So put up the badge and send back the love to me with a link! Good Luck XX Lemon XX

Friday, 14 September 2012

Ask Jenny Craig!

Losing weight and not your mind!

I have recently decided to do something pro active with myself and get back in to shape. It has been a long long time and I cannot motivate my son if I'm sat on my big fat bum all day!

I have lost 5Lbs in 5 weeks and 4" off my waist 2" off my thighs and about an inch off of everywhere else. Here comes the rub. 
I'm bored bored bored already!
I need motivation, I need food that fills me up and I want crunchy nibbly things that I can pile in my mouth in the evenings and not gain so much weight on my bum that I constantly think I'm being followed!!

I want a bike. I haven't had one since I was 13 and my BMX burner was my pride and joy. I was 15 when I sold it and never bought one since.

Evan has a BMX he loves it, (He is NOT normally dressed like this on it!)

so do I and as I haven't grown since I was 15 BMXs still fit me like a glove, but I'd feel silly so a small mountain bike it is!

I want to do the 10 mile ride on Sept 23rd for Cancer research so that is my target. Ev is doing it with me and we will be taking our time but having some fun too!

I am blogging about this as Jenny Craig are doing an amazing bloggers competition, read all about it here: Jenny Craig UK and I REALLY need some advice!

So what can I snack on that is crunchy Jenny? What can my son and I tuck into watching a movie that makes us feel really naughty but isn't? Am I having a laugh? Is there such a thing? Do they make no fat low fat pralines and cream fudge? No? Oh sucks to be me!
Seriously though ANYTHING crunchy as my diet world is full of sloppy stuff and I need something hard in my life!

On that note (  o_o  ) stay motivated!

Yours losing the will