Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Suffering with SAD - SUMMER Affected Disorder!

I know I suffer from SAD during the Autumn/Winter months - if I were a small furry mammal I would take to my nest on Sept 30th and wake up on March 1st - quite literally full of the joys of spring!

Unfortunately for us humans this is just not possible and so I tend to go out when I need to and stay wrapped in duvets, miserable when I am inside except when I'm eating stew!

I just generally do not like being cold, ever! I don't like draughts, chills, grey days or lack of sun and this Summer  debacle of weather we have had this year has brought my SAD on early.

The view today!

Whilst the rest of Europe and North Africa experience a heat wave we have had generally 7 weeks of no more than 4 consecutive days of warm, unbroken summer sunshine!

I want need a holiday in the heat, sizzling next to a pool with a book and watching my son swim.

I have never taken Ev abroad and other than cost - this is due to the fact I just don't know enough about doing it! I have never had a beach holiday, not with the girls or a partner.

 I was always backpacking or going away with my large group of friends to festivals in this country so it just never happened.

I don't know what companies to trust, how to book, what to look for or even really as a single Mum of a young teen - where to take him!

I have looked at single parent holidays but it seems for the privilege you end up paying ten times the amount, so that was a no-hoper!

So anyone with any tips for next year? Best Companies, nice places??

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Carnival Spirit!

Last night was the annual Weymouth Carnival and I helped out on the Wessex FM float - giving out sweets and stickers and collecting donations thrown (sometimes quite literally) from the waiting crowds!

Copyright - Wessex FM

That is why I decided to blog this today - the weather was hideous and no matter how much the BBC said the rain would stop and the fog would clear - it didn't it poured.... and poured .... and drizzled and then poured again!

You can see the full gallery here

The people though didn't bat an eyelid, yes some looked like drowned rats as did I -

Copyright Wessex FM - Owen

- but I didn't care, it was great fun and all for good local causes.

Unfortunately due to the weather the Red Arrows had to cancel the fly past BUT all was not lost as the Dorset based Active Mobility - had an incredible entry with a fleet of mobility 'jets' - it was amazing!

Copyright Dorset Evening Echo

So what does make us Brits so nuts about carnivals? I had a bit of nosey around and found that Some of the best-known traditions, including carnal parades and masquerade balls, were first recorded in medieval Italy. The Carnival of Venice was, for a long time, the most famous carnival (although Napoleon abolished it in 1797 and only in 1959 was the tradition restored). From Italy, Carnival traditions spread to Spain, Portugal and France and from France to New France in North America. From Spain and Portugal it spread with colonisation to the Caribbean and Latin America. In the early 19th century in the German Rhineland and Southern Netherlands, the weakened medieval tradition also revive. In Rhineland in 1823, the first modern Carnival parade took place in Cologne

Other areas developed their own traditions. In the UK, West Indian immigrants brought with them the traditions of Caribbean Carnival, however the carnivals now celebrated at Notting Hill; London, Leeds and Yorkshire became divorced from their religious origins and became secular events that take place in the summer months and not before Lent as tradition would have it.

It is probably one of the very best ways and most popular way to raise money for charities, but sadly

does depend in the UK on our very erm... up and down weather.

So do you always support your local carnival? 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Facebook Competition with @primroseuk

Over on my Facebook page A Slice of Lemon's Cake you can have a chance of winning a third mirror from Primrose!

Don't forget the other 2 competitions on this post HERE

Happy Comping!

Monday, 17 August 2015

My Dream Bathroom ....

My bathroom is sad
its cold and uninviting
the tiles are boring
and just not exciting

The lino is lame
and marked and stained
and my ceiling has mould
and it makes me feel drained...

So I started to dream
about what I would do
if money was no object
I'd put in a loo

I'd have a whirlpool bath
and tiles that are on trend
lots of lovely storage
and not be driven 'round the U bend!

So Big Bathroom Shop have a comp
and you could win your dream
a bathroom to relax
and not make you want to scream!

It is in conjunction with
Tile Mountain too
So you can tile til your
hearts content
and brighten up your loo!

So as you can see this is my drab and sad bathroom....

Not up to much is it!

I had a good look around Big Bathroom Shop and made  pinterest board of my three favourite bathroom suites. Then I nipped over to Tile Mountain and found my top three tiles which would compliment my suite choices.
My favourite of the bath units would be this Milano Whirlpool corner bath - just brilliant for space saving and the ultimate in relaxation!

It would go with the wonderful Premier Sienna vanity unit toilet and basin, which is both stylish and practical for a smaller room!

You can have a look at my board here on Pinterest

As you can see any of my top choices would be an improvement, I would really love an upstairs loo too!

As I have a small bathroom using light and wall storage would be a must - large mirrors and corner/wall storage would allow the floor space to be kept free - this giving a larger room effect! I chose the black quartz stone tile and if I used grout of the same colour it would give a bigger illusion to the room size!

I just love these 'oil slick' type Mosaic tiles and this colour is just beautiful!

I also love peacocks and those greens would be my accessory colours like this:

I want to feel like this in my bathroom:

and not like this!

This is my entry to the BigBathroomshop.co.uk and Tilemountain.co.uk competition to win your dream bathroom! You can read all about it HERE!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Creating Illusion with Primrose.co.uk & Competition!

Primrose are a company I just happen to find one evening and I am so annoyed it has taken this long to find them!

I was looking for something....anything to complete my patio area and I wanted something a bit different to add that finishing touch.

Illusion mirrors are just amazing and the selection at Primrose is second to none, so much choice it really is hard to choose!

I vlogged my selection and my choice and you can see the difference between the 3 choices...

*please excuse the wind on the voice recording! (and the VERY apparent Dorset accent)

RRP £59.99 Currently 25% off ! so £44.99

2ft 9in x 1ft 6in Arched Glass Garden Mirror with Wooden Shutters

RRP £69.99 Currently 21% off! So £54.99

And my complete favourite!

The Double Wooden Mirror In Natural

1ft 10in x 3ft 4in Double Window Effect Glass Garden Illusion Mirror

RRP £139.99 Currently 35% off! So now £89.99!

The 'window' is so well designed and made that it even has a pretend latch!

If you have the space Primrose also sell Illusion Gates which are just incredible and provide perfect opportunity for creating some hilarious Vines!

One main thing I was really impressed with is the quality, the build of all 3 mirrors is excellent and feel sturdy enough to withstand our up and down climate!

So if you fancy your chances in a wonderful competition then you could be winning yourself the blue or white illusion mirror!

For the Blue Shuttered Mirror then complete the Gleam app below:

or if you are feeling very creative then for a chance at the White Mirror please upload a photo of where in your garden you would like it placed and do your best statue impression in situ! Fancy dress is of course encouraged but optional - this will be a judged competition by my local gardening group!

Upload your photo to A Slice of Lemons Cake Facebook Page or Instagram and tag #GardenStatueComp (You MUST Follow to be counted).

T&C's - Gleam

Terms and Conditions
  • open to over 13's only
  • open to UK residents only
  • The mandatory blog comment entry must be completed for others entries to be valid.
  • The prize consists of A Blue Garden Mirror as featured in this post.
  • The winner will be contacted by me shortly after the draw closes to obtain details.
  • The winner must respond within 7 days or a new winner will be drawn.
  • The draw closes at midnight on the 24th August 2015.
  • Only one entry per person - multiple emails will be disqualified!

GLEAM COMPETITION - Win a Garden Mirror

Terms & Conditions - White Mirror / Creative entry

  • open to over 13's only

  • open to UK residents only
  • The mandatory FOLLOW on Instagram MUST be completed.
  • The hashtag must be used on Instagram or Facebook
  • The prize consists of A White Garden Mirror as featured in this post.
  • The winner will be contacted by me shortly after the draw closes to obtain details.
  • The winner must respond within 7 days or a new winner will be drawn.
  • The draw closes at midnight on the 24th August 2015.
    • Only one entry per person - multiple Facebook accounts/ Instagram Accounts will be disqualified
    • The winner will be chosen by an independent Judge

    This is a n honest review and I received no payment I did however receive the mirror to review and keep.

    More competitions at ThePrizeFinder - See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/white-shutter-garden-mirror#sthash.dmW3yl2I.dpuf