Thursday, 5 May 2016

You Never Need to Feel blu - blu e-cig Review #bluForYou 18+ #ad

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I have tried a few 'e-cigs' and vaping products since they first hit the market. There are so many products around that the market can seem; to the new user very confusing.

Basically there are two different types - the type where the nicotine and flavour is in an encapsulated 'filter cartridge' that screws onto the battery and the type that takes a liquid into a 'tank' chamber.

I have had issues with the tank version where you have to tip it upside down to fill it can cause issues - specifically leaking and mess, also it can damage your product if you accidentally put liquid down inside the central chamber!

I've followed blu on Twitter for some time, I like the feed, concept and the design. The products look stylish and at long last I have the opportunity and the inclination to try a product out!

I decided to opt for the liquid version - which come in 5 delicious flavours:

Blueberry, Cherry, Menthol, Mint and Tobacco
at 5.99 each

The really great design benefit is that you load your liquid from the top = NO mess! Instant plus from me plus the fact the battery is really long lasting and the hit you have to have at the back of the throat, - well it is just a win win all 'round!

The blu PRO kit is a really reasonable 19.99 and looks awesome with its sleek black body and the blu signature LED it has a very cool aura about it. It comes as standard with a bottle of tobacco flavour liquid (10ml 1.8% Nicotine) and a blu micro USB charger.

Ordering couldn't be simpler the whole process took me minutes and it was delivered within 48hrs so the service was super quick and just really simple!

As you can see from the pics; the website is clear and crisp. It is instructional, fast & easy to use.

There is an option of registering or quick guest checkout. Shipping is free on all orders over £35.

A really good option is the Auto Shipping which you can use to deliver your liquid weekly so you never run out!

I also don't feel uncomfortable using it in public, unlike actual smoking - which instantly makes you a pariah! Gone will be the days of standing outside in the rain! So more quality time with your family - it is just a win win all around!
You also NEVER need a lighter EVER again!

My favourite things about the product are that you fill it from the top. The blu LED lights, Ultra smooth feel to the unit, realistic throat hit.

As you can see from my unboxing it is compact and practical to carry around:


I used it today during lunch and had no strange looks, no comments and felt relaxed and at ease. I will say though it will take me a few days to get used to holding it as in this pic I think I look like I’m playing the flute!


I am however thrilled with my blu* and can’t wait to try other flavours! Smoking really has grown up.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Loss of a Pet - My Best Friend

Yesterday I had to make the very hard decision to have Jack Euthanised.

It was probably one of the most hard things I have ever had the responsibility to do - but that is the one thing that makes us responsible pet owners, knowing when the end has come.
Keeping him around for me was not fair and he became so poorly in 24hrs it was the right choice.

I can still hear your feet pitter patter on the floor
but you are not there anymore
I could see you knew you were going
and your thirst for life was apparently slowing
Your silence and cry could no longer be heard
and making you stay becoming absurd

I'll miss your snuggles with your silver blue fur
and the warmth &
feel of your wonderful purr
You were with me for half of my life
during Ev's birth you were acting midwife!

I want to say thank you
for being my friend
and I shall see you again
for it's not the end.

Chandrakan King of Siam Sahm

Oct 1996 - April 19th 2016


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce - Review

I have to admit that I had missed this show on TV - I was probably knee deep in a box set which I seem to have been for some time. So offered the chance to review the 1st season and being unable to do much else as I am nursing a broken leg I delved in...

I do love American TV, from an early age I watched Taxi, Soap and Dallas so I have grown up with the polished serialisation format. In later years I was a huge Sex and the City fangirl but my heart usually lays with horror and Sci-fi so maybe that is why I didn't see this coming!

As a blogger I read a great deal about others' lives and can relate to most situations, having never tied the knot though I am a stranger to the big D. Obviously I have been in failed relationships but without all the legal entanglement, but this show has made me realise - we all have the same worries.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce is written by one of my favourite screen writers Marti Noxon (she wrote many of my favourite Buffy episodes) and the writing is superb as to be expected!

The main plot centres around Abby McCarthy a successful author with a perfect career, perfect family and well a perfect life...or so she'd have us believe (whilst convincing herself) Things are not as they seem.
I don't do spoilers so I won't be giving away any plot lines but the story follows Abby and her gorgeous group of friends through the ups and downs of marriage, family life and of course; Divorce!

Abby is played by the very beautiful and talented Lisa Edelstein whom you may know from House (Dr. Lisa Cuddy) and she plays her to perfection. I found myself feeling that she needed more gumption throughout the first couple of episodes BUT then I realised; THAT is exactly what disappears...along with who we are, what we love, what we like to do, read, listen to, talk about, it all gets boxed up with our gumption and put in the loft to be sold at a boot sale when we are 67.

We all love our families and yet somewhere whilst we look after and nurture them we lose a part of our essence which makes us 'us'; Or is it that we just find different things are more important only to discover years later that we would actually quite liked to have hung on to at least part of our old self....the balance is excruciatingly difficult!

I can totally relate to so many situations that appear in the series my favourite being the whole 'HOW shit scared am I to show anyone my post baby body EVER again' situation. I don't have the body of a Goddess like Lisa does so nobody will ever see me with the light on again!

I watched season 1 over a couple of days and now I am lost and waiting for season 2! 

I would highly recommend this show, it is well written, well performed, Lisa is perfect in the lead role and has a wonderful supporting cast, has a gorgeous setting and makes you comfortable only to throw in a sub plot that can disturb and leave you in tears.
Get the girls over and have a (well deserved) wallow!

·         Title:                                   Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce
·         Retail Release Date:        DVD - 8th February 2016
·         Rating:                                  15
·         Retailer SKUs:                    DVD RRP: £24.99
·         Running time:                    60 minutes
·         Copyright:                           © 2016 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Harvester Restaurant - Review

Over the festive season Evan and I were treated to a meal at our local Harvester in Bournemouth.

I have to admit I didn't even know we had a local branch so it was a pleasant revelation! You can find your local Harvester here.

We were warmly welcomed at reception and shown to our table, then promptly our server; Connah arrived and introduced herself.
We were offered drinks whilst we perused the MENU and we set about ordering.

There is an enormous range to choose from for every course, so for starters I had the Ultimate Nachos for One which were delicious! Evan went for the Cheesy Garlic Ciabatta which lasted him around 30 seconds!

For mains, Evan decided on the Fish and Chips and I chose the  BBQ Chicken Stack. I utilised the help yourself salad bar and unlimited coffee whilst Evan had bread rolls and butter and unlimited soft drinks.

The Salad Bar and bread selection is extensive and you really have such a choice, it is incredibly hard not to over do it!

Initial reaction to the restaurant itself is very good, exceptionally clean and tidy and the lighting is an ambient relaxing hue which is just right - not too bright so you feel like you are in a waiting room and not too dull so you have to squint at each other!
The staff are very friendly and constantly working - I witnessed no party having to wait for anything.

Our mains arrived promptly and the portion sizes are enormous - so go easy on the salad if you do intend to eat anything!
There was a slight issue with Evan's main; but this was preempted by Connah our server and dealt with/ rectified immediately!
Nothing quite shows how well a business is run like how a problem is dealt with.

We were completely full but STILL decided on hot chocolate fudge cake for pudding and I felt like the boy out of Matilda; the portions were yet again enormous.

If I could find any problem at all - it would be signage to the premises. We did have problems finding it but other than that 10/10 for the evening.

We left full, happy and going to return!

You don't need an excuse to go to your local Harvester - ANY reason is good enough! With a menu so vast and to suit all palates and pockets nothing could be better (except the food!)

Early set Menu from £7.99
Evening set Menu from £10.99

Enjoy Free WiFi

You can follow Harvester on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Friday, 16 October 2015

My Best Friend's Birthday

Today is yet another birthday for my best friend - no big deal you might say... under normal circumstances and after the crap birthday I had this year I would probably agree! Except this is no ordinary best friend.

JACK is my cat and today he is an amazing 19 years old! I can't believe he has made it to such an awesome age, maybe it is a lifetime of pheasant, chicken breast and salmon!

Jack is a Thai Blue Point Korat and has the pedigree name of  Chandrakan King of Siam Sahm - when I got him he was known as Sam but as I had a friend of the same name he became Jackson, after my favourite guitar.
I was in hospital after a severe Asthma attack and I came around on the ward to a woman in the next bed shrieking about the 'devil' in her house (yes she was waiting for a psych bed) and how the cat was evil and hated everybody and everything and constantly attacked her and her Mother!
I, at the time was looking for a cat and said I will take him! It was arranged and after my discharge I went and picked him up.
He was 4 months old and he was spitting and flying around the house - so I did wonder if she was right; but then I realised the WHOLE, entire house was covered in plastic - every surface, floor, items... 'to stop hair' apparently! I then noticed he had on a large leather stitched dog collar, the thick type you see on Staffs! Seriously!
No wonder the poor cat felt alienated and nervous. I quickly stuffed him in the cat box and got the hell out of dodge!

Jack arrived at my house and the collar was removed, much to lots of stretching and rolling around. He the proceeded to explore and got under the duvet!
Pretty much that has been his favourite place ever since, anywhere warm and you will find him.

107 degrees in my greenhouse at one point this year and he was in his furry bed asleep!

He has been through everything with me, moved three times, through deaths, births and during my labour with Evan he vocally joined in every time I had a contraction!

He is the only living connection to my Sister, Dad and Mum and that makes me sad sometimes, but also I wonder if he remembers ...

He is still in very good health and lives on Sheba, Pate and Webbox Lick-e-Lix which he loves, weekly treats of ham, chicken and anything else he fancies seems to keep him going. He still eats, drinks and washes himself but mostly he sleeps and around 100 in human years I don't blame him!

So Jackson Blue Face; Happy Birthday my wonderful friend, I love you dearly and I hope I have many more years of your company!

Photo from the Daily Express - copyright

Last year on his 18th!

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Baking At Home With Aldi - Review

Evan surprised me last week by coming home from school extremely motivated and excited! What on Earth could cause this, you may ask!


Yes, the yeasty risen goodness that is the humble loaf. He had been making bread and subsequently produced 4 wonderful, tasty loaves for dinner.

So when Aldi asked if I would like to try a bread maker from the new Home Baking range - I asked Ev if he would like to review it as a guest and this is his result!

Introduction to the equipment:

The process:


This Morning:


Aldi’s Compact Bread Maker (£39.99) has 12 programmes, with combinations including basic and french, whole wheat, cake, pizza dough and jam. Featuring a 13 hour delay bake timer and an automatic one hour keep-warm function, this bread maker allows bakers of all levels to return home to that delicious aroma of freshly baked loaves.

Measure your ingredients precisely with Aldi’s Digital Kitchen Scales (£6.99)

Vintage Retro Apron (£4.99)

And just because Mums can embarrass their kids:

The quality of this apron is amazing and I actually will be using it!

So with Christmas around the corner (only 12 weeks today so 11 Fridays !!) why not nip to Aldi and check out the entire range. With prices from as little as £2.99 you are sure to find that perfect gift for any budding Mary Berry!

We were not paid for this review but we did receive the products to keep. This is an honest review after using the items.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Body Shop at Home Review + #Competition

I had FORGOTTEN about Body Shop - seriously - forgotten the range, the packaging and the sumptuousness of it all.

In the 90's I was a frequent visitor to the stores and then, well everything became all a bit white musk and I ventured elsewhere for my bathroom goodness.

Recently I decided; after seeing a friend's facebook post, to book a Body Shop at Home party and last night together with a few friends had a really super evening looking at all the new Christmas gifts and being re-introduced to the brand.

It is super, really beautiful and the range of fragrances for body (and your home) is extensive. The skincare range is vast as are the cosmetics and it is right up there with any other company you can think of!

The Christmas Catalogue!

I was classed as the 'Host' and depending on your sales on the night of your party (from actual guests or pre-orders) you recieve offers that are quite frankly AMAZING. I spent £49 on my Christmas shopping but actually received £150 worth of goods! I'm still shocked with the amount of product I was able to order.
There are some awesome deals to be had - 3 for 2, special offers on spend amounts, free gifts - it goes on.
Why people don't do this is really quite simply beyond me!

Current HOST Offers!

I actually received all of Ev's smellies for Xmas completely free!

My Consultant is Karen and if you are interested in seeing the range in her group or contacting a local rep for your area - please get in touch with her. She is super helpful, and really knowledgeable about the whole product range if you have questions!

I am in complete #want #want #want mode for the Advent Calenders! They are just beautiful and no amount of horrid chocolate behind the doors will ever dissuade me! I unfortunately couldn't stretch to one for myself but for guys looking for 'THAT' gift - I think you would be on to a winner AND be in favour for the rest of the year!

Premium Advent - Worth £127 costs £80!

There  are numerous gifts that are ideal for stockings starting at only £4 - I especially love the little animal sponges in Owl, Robin and Bear! 

My favourite new scent is Red Musk which is deep, delicious and spicy! 


All three seasonal fragrances are really nice though, available in Frosted Plum, Cranberry and Apple!

So whatever you are after this Christmas, consider a party - you may bag far MORE than you bargained for!

Now you can win a Red Musk Body Lotion and Bath Wash worth £16.50!

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below!

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  2. Over 13's ONLY
  3. UK and NI entrants Only
  4. Competition Ends Midnight November 3oth 2015

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I was not compensated in anyway for this post, it is my own honest review after having a party!